10 x Qi Tea Pacls

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About The Product

Qi (pronounced ‘Chee’) Teas are a range of natural, premium and organic green and white teas infused with organic herbs, fruits and spices.

Qi Teas are very refreshing and naturally sweet and mellow in flavour and have none of the bitterness sometimes associated with green teas. The various ingredients – fruits, spices and herbs – are chosen for the taste and efficacy; whether is it for cleansing, uplifting, energising or soothing!

If you are slimming green and white teas are a great beverage because they are 0 calories. Qi Teas are naturally high in antioxidants and are guaranteed to be free of herbicides, pesticides and genetic modification.

Qi Teas are certified Fairtrade, thereby guaranteeing a better deal for its producers. Unlike many teas on the market, Qi does not come from vast plantations but from small, family farms, grown at high altitude around the remote village of Xitou (pronounced Sheetoh) in China’s Yellow Mountains, an environmentally protected area.

Product Reviews

dazkat01, Nuriootpa SA


Having a bubba that is about to turn 1 life is very hectic & me time is non-existant! I found my daily sanity of sitting for a few minutes while bubba was napping cleared my head & made life more joyous. My favourite was the White & Fruity. It was really easy & pleasant to drink and didnt have any bitter after taste

Lyn249, Mundaring WA


It was lovely to have the opportunity to tast so many different variety of teas. Oi you have a great range. I also appreciate that it is a Fair Trade product which makes it SO much better. I was a coke fiend previouly but now I have changed my preference to teas. I really loved the green tea so relaxing and refresshing. No calories is a huge bonus. Thankyou you so much.

Mundaring WA

razzle, Point Cook VIC


I love these teas! I've been searching a long time for a green tea that doesn't taste...well... dirty, if you know what I mean. They're so refreshing, particularly the green tea, with a lovely, not overpowering, fresh and clean flavour. I also enjoyed the mint tea chilled - perfect on a warm summer day. It also makes me feel better knowing that Qi Teas are certified Fairtrade. I'll definitely be restocking my pantry with Qi Teas!

Sarah1058, Glendale NSW


Opening my package of teas I was surprised at how many different flavours were supplied. I didn't know where to start. I really enjoyed sampling each flavour my favourites being the white & fruity tea - so delicious and refreshing, and the mint tea which was very calming. I love that these teas are organic which I feel is better for you and the best part of all besides the great taste is zero calories.