10 x POD SPF15 Liquid Tan

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About The Product

Australia’s most natural self-tanner makes POD SPF 15 Liquid Tan (210ml, RRP: $55.00) suitable for more skin types than any other. POD SPF 15 Liquid Tan is the only self tan to achieve a ‘fast deep tan’ in 3 hours whilst hydrating the skin because Pod’s unique formula not only leaves out the drying chemicals but also adds a body butter packed with 6 natural skin-quenchers, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and anti-ageing pomegranate. POD also includes an SPF 15 sunscreen. For more information about POD visit www.podskincare.com POD is sold online as well as Priceline, National Pharmacy, and selected pharmacies across Australia. For stockist details call 1300 796 986.

Product Reviews

estar, Sunshine VIC


POD SPF 15 Liquid Tan has a subtle and pleasant scent. It smells very natural and has none of the unpleasant chemical smells you can get with many tanners. It looks and acts like a moisturiser and it left no greasy residue on my skin. It went on very smoothly and evenly. I didn’t need to use much to get a great result. SPF 15 Liquid Tan had the most natural look I have ever seen in a tanner. I was very impressed with the product and highly recommend it!

Sabina5, North Sunshine VIC


i used this on me and my sister. we both have fair skin and omg it gave us the nicest tan out. better then a sun tan. i could see the results in about 3 hours and it doesn't really have that much of a fake tan smell like other products. I love the color it gives on your skin