10 x Pitango World Flavour Travel Packs

About The Product

Pitango travels the world for new winter range.

Pitango, famous for their fresh real home style soups and risottos, have been hard at work in the kitchen creating a new range of delicious soups inspired by iconic flavours and cuisines from around the world.

Pitango’ s new World Flavour Range is inspired by some of the most exotic cuisines and colourful locations around the globe. Pitango celebrates the fun, flavour and authentic taste that makes these popular destinations so exciting.

The World Flavour Range is now available in the chiller section of stores nationally and is packaged in Pitango’s new fresh and colourful, specially designed pouches. RRP $7.50 for 600g.

The Pitango World Flavour Travel Pack includes: 1x Pitango New York Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup RRP $7.50, 1x Pitango Spanish Free Range Chicken Paella Soup RRP $7.50, 1x Pitango Indian Free Range Chicken Soup RRP $7.50, 1x Pitango Malaysian Vegetable Laksa RRP $7.50.

Please Note: This promotion is targeted to the Sydney metro area only.

Product Reviews

Cassandra238, North Narrabeen NSW


For variety and taste, Pitango World Flavours was a great choice for us - I ate a different soup each day over a week and felt like I was eating a different meal every time. Some days I added a few extra vegetables to make the meal a little more substantial, but overall I was very impressed with the quality of the soups.

Louise926, Glebe NSW


Really tasty flavors and they were handy and filling for lunch time. The vegetable laska was my favourite and you could really taste the differences in the three different chicken based soups showing their influences and spices. Would definitely recommend.

Linda Fisicaro, Concord NSW


Tried the Pitango World Flavour Travel pack soups and thought they were very tasty. Great for a quick and easy to prepare snack but not really practical to feed my family of five unless I use four packs for one meal. I was impressed that you could actually see the various ingredients in each soup just like you would find in a homemade soup.

ktwebber, Waterloo NSW


I loved these soups. Ready in under 5 minutes, much better than the other ready to eat soups in the supermarket. The Spanish Free Range Chicken Paella Soup was my favourite, while the New York Free Range Chicken Noodle Soup was the best version of an old classic I've had in a long time.

Kate1613, Burwood NSW


The Pitango soups were nice, but unfortunately were not special. None of them had particularly strong flavours which meant they were a little bland.
I would buy them if they were on special, but would not go out of my way to purchase them.