10 x Pitango Soup Packs

  • RRP $50.00
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About The Product

Nothing beats a big bowl of soup - and with PitangoTM healthy eating never tasted so good!

At Pitango, we are passionate about real, honest food. We believe in organic farming – working in harmony with the environment and nature - which means higher quality produce that it is better for us and tastes remarkably better.

We have close relationships with our farmers, and our meat, poultry and vegetables come to us from their small farms.

To make our soups, risottos and curries, our Pitango chefs carefully select the finest quality ingredients to develop the finest of flavours, and cook in small batches to lock in the taste in every pouch. It’s just like how you would make it in your own kitchen, except in a bigger pot.

Our range of organic Pitango soups, risottos and curries is available nationwide, with Gluten Free, Dairy Free and low fat options available.  All Pitango soups and meals are GE free and contain no added preservatives. Because they’re fresh, you can find them in the chilled section.


Product Reviews

wendymick, Brighton TAS


I was pleasantly surprised with these soups as they were flavours that I would not have brought.Great flavours and was just like homemade soup.
Great for single people and easy to take to work for lunch.Thankyou for the chance to try them will definately be buying them from now on!

Jenitta, Wilsonton QLD


I really enjoyed the organic soups, they also were good as a base to stews. Easy to digest & really nice to eat.

Amy112, Strathmore VIC


I was surprised by just how good the Pitango soups were! The quality of ingredients really showed through and combined with the creative flavour combinations gave all the different soups a delicious aroma and taste. What I also really enjoyed was the different textures experienced with each soup with a great mixture of smooth and almost grittiness that really added to the flavour. As far as pricing goes I think 10 packets for $50.00 is a reasonable price considering you can easily get two serves out of the one packet and the quality of the ingredients.
Overall I would definitely recommend Pitango soups to everyone I know!

Toni130072, Madora Bay WA


Pitango are the perfect substitue for home-made soups. A large range of flavours that all taste delicious, fresh and healthy without all the work.
Would like to see the pouches become resealable as they hold two servings and not always eaten in one go.

Tony, Cannington WA


I had the pleasure to taste-testing 3 very different soups, namely the organic leek & potato, organic spring lamb with red wine and rosemary and organic vegetable and quinoa soup.

I enjoy the spring lamb with red wine and rosemary. You could taste each individual ingredient and it was quite delightful. The leek & potato soup was a close second. I didn't really enjoy the vegetable and quinoa soup to be honest. I found it having a funny flavour. I wouldn't buy it, but then again, it might be a acquired taste.

Anne, Ashwood VIC


The Pitango soups are really hearty meals in one. They contain real vegetables and the flavours are very wholesome. My favourite was the Pumpkin and Ginger. The balance of flavours and texture was just right. The Spicy Chicken is a little to gluggy for my liking. It was slightly spicy, but there wasn't much chicken in the soup. The Leek and Potato was very tasty and the balance of flavours and texture was very good. The Vegetable and Quinoa was a really good blend of tomato, vegetables and spicy flavours. They are a very healthy range of soups and they offer a very quick and easy meal option.