10 x Philips SalonDry AC Lite Hairdryers

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About The Product

The lightest AC hair dryer on the Australian market, the Philips SalonDry AC Lite is easy to work with, allowing you to create a high-powered salon-style blow dry without the arm ache of using a traditionally heavy AC dryer. The dryer contains a ceramic element which prevents over-drying and ionic conditioning works to lock in moisture, increase shine and reduce frizz. A flexible six-speed temperature setting control system allows you to style your hair at a lower temperature to reduce heat impact. It also includes an ultra-slim AirJet nozzle for precision styling, as well as that all-important professional must-have, a powerful CoolShot button to set the style.

Product Reviews

Carmel, Aspendale VIC


The Philips SalonDry is great as I have long hair and takes a while to blow dry & style. Being light weight with lots of power means no cramps in my arms. The ceramic elements
really make a difference, not leaving your ends dry and unmanageable. The CoolShot button is fantastic for styling especially when I'm using a curling brush. The temperature control is fantastic as my hair will frizz if too hot.