10 x Paper Eskimo by Igloo Blue Baking Cup Sets

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About The Product

Master your favourite cupcake with these sweet little baking cups. They resist oil and fading so they come out of the oven as bright and colourful as when then went in. You can get creative with serving up desserts such as ice-cream or setting jelly for the best party treats ever. They are also perfect for savoury recipes when entertaining as they serve up individual portions. Both children and adults alike will love these gorgeous baking cups for creating special occasions.

Cup size: 45mm tall x 48mm base.


Product Reviews

Shelfie, Wayville SA


These cupcake cups are gorgeous! I stopped buying coloured and patterned shells as they always seem to brown or go dull during the cooking process, making them look old and unappealing. The Paper Eskimo cups looked as bright and appealing coming out of the oven as they did going in. They did not become brittle, go soggy or brown in any way and the cupcake did not stick to the inside which was another bonus.

The variety of colours is wonderful and there is surely a design for any occasion. The lovely packaging means that they are not only good for home use but also for giving as gifts or a stocking stuffer. I will definitely be buying these again!

Christine124, Marsfield NSW


These baking cups are just the cutest! I was a bit skeptical at first, but after baking some cupcakes in them I saw just how great they really are. The cups came out of the oven as bright as they were and the cup cakes popped right out, no mess!
I also served ice cream in these cups and they didn't go soggy at all!
Great product, happy i had the chance to try them out.