10 x Paddington Tea Valentines Gift Packs

About The Product

This Valentine's Day, give a romantic tea gift to someone special. Express your love with the beautiful Rose Lover collection from Paddington tea, featuring a Rustic Rose Soy Candle, a Tulsi Rose Room Spray and a Tulsi Rose Tea.

As the result of strong partnerships with some of the finest tea merchants in Australia, Sri Lanka, China and India, Paddington Tea’s recipes are closely guarded and exceptionally unique. These tea flavours are complemented by aromatic products designed to enhance the experience of drinking tea.

Paddington Tea is an ideal gift to create the ultimate romantic atmosphere and indulge your senses with love.

Product Reviews

Bernadette11, Alkimos Beach WA


Just in love with this product!! the tea is beautiful for a morning tea with all my girl friends to catch up. The rose spray and candle's fragrance stay for so long!! Really impress with this products!!

Wendy1003, Eden NSW


wow love it my house smells so nice and I will be buying more thank you so much

Karen2487, Blairgowie VIC



sharon87072, Belmont North NSW


I thought it was a beautiful gift for Valentine's Day. I love the unique fragrance of Rustic Rose soy candle, and the Tulsi Rose Room spray also the Tulsi Rose tea. Love is in the air with these great gifts at my place.

Kelly1117, Wheelers Hill VIC


I am normally unable to use candles in my home due to my partner finding them extremely overwhelming however the Rustic Rose Soy Candle was an absolute winner. I found the Rustic Rose Soy Candle and Rose Room Spray to provide a gentle aromatic experience. I give our curtains a light spritz with the room spray as when I open the windows the light and pleasing fragrance slowly drifts through our home. The candle is presented elegantly in a glass container that would fit in with almost any decor.
The Tulsi Rose Tea was a very enjoyable herbal tea which I enjoyed as both an early morning gentle wake up as well as a relaxing after dinner evening cup. The gentle aroma wafting from the cup reminds me of a sweet english cottage garden and is instantly relaxing. The packaging is both practical and user friendly with clear instructions inside the lid on how to brew the perfect cup making those early morning cups of tea so much easier.
All items were presented tastefully and elegantly in a lovely gift box which included a pink rose just to make the gift all the more special.
I would highly recommend these products to any friends or family looking for an elegant and sophisticated gift idea or just simply something different to spruce up the home.

karynmag, Noraville NSW


Beautifully packaged these products really hit the mark. Both the room spray and the candle have a lovely fragrance, not overpowering at all but just the right amount of scent. The room spray especially came in handy around the dogs. The tea has a lovely subtle flavour and would add a nice touch to a girl's tea party.

Michelle2317, Hebersham NSW


The tea has a very strong fragrance which I was concerned with how strong the flavour may be. Once tea was infused for 5 minutes the tea was very refreshing to me with the aroma making for a pleasant afternoon tea. The room spray has a lovely fragrance which lasts. Candle sent wasn't strong was lightly fragranced enough to last for the time I had it lit. Thank you for this opportunity to test this product was a very pleasant and relaxing afternoon.