10 x OXO Pop Storage Containers Sets

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About The Product

The epitome of style and functionality in storage, OXO Pop Storage Containers have a unique push button mechanism that creates an airtight seal with just one touch. Square or rectangular in shape means they are space efficient and allows for easy pouring from the corners. The OXO POP containers are just as useful for fresh food storage in the kitchen as they are for organising items in the bathroom or office – they’ll be popping up everywhere!

The set contains:

- OXO Good Grips POP 1.4L Small Square – $26.95

- OXO Good Grips POP 3.8L Square Container – $44.95

- OXO Good Grips POP 0.5L Rectangle Container – $22.95

- OXO Good Grips POP 1.4L Rectangle Container – $24.95

Total RRP Value - $119.80

For more information and the full range of OXO Good Grips products please see www.worldkitchen.com.au

For stockists see www.worldkitchen.com.au/stockists or call 1800 251 643.

Product Reviews

Miki888, Mt Martha VIC


Dishwasher safe, keeps food really fresh with locking button. Reasonably priced. I'm buying some more!

Alison37, Singleton WA


Great looking, keeps food really fresh, easy to clean and handle - love them. Will be buying more.

Tricia114375, Nelson Bay NSW


We tried the OXO Good Grip Pop containers in 4 x different sizes and were pleasantly surprised by the following:
• The pop up feature on the lids is very easy to use and a great safety mechanism for young children.
• Very hygienic for storing food, as no germs can get in with the vacuumed seal lid.
• With a clear base it is easy to see what is stored inside.
• Lids being a white colour look great in our pantry and white is a perfect colour for most kitchens.
• The lid is heavier than it looks to hold in your hand, although it gives you a stable feeling when you hold it.

OXO Good Grip Pop containers are a fantastic addition to our pantry, no doubt we will purchase more sizes in the future to add to our collection.

Pamela115, Chipping Norton NSW


I think these products are fantastic.

The opening and closing mechanism is easy to use.

Great for stacking on top of each other for space saving.

Have used in fridge and pantry and both environments were fine.

I will certainly be purchasing more to replace current storage units and have recommended to all my family and friends.

Miki888, Mt Martha VIC


They look great and work well but are only good for dry food. It is also a bit complicated to clean and is not suitable for microwaves. The lids are a bit to bulky for the smaller containers but are perfect for the larger ones. Because of the lid design you can not fill to the top so a bit annoying. Overall I love using this product, it's super cool and functional but would probably only buy the large containers.

Janelle27, Cheltenham NSW


Fantastic quality and works brilliantly. Definitely helps with the pantry organisation and are very easy to use. Only negative I had was that the tall container which I assumed was for spaghetti pasta isn't tall enough. Will definitely be buying more.