10 x Original Sole Packs

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About The Product

At Original Sole we are very serious about protecting your treasured shoes, and will stop at nothing to ensure you stay on your feet and your heels stay as beautiful as they day they were born. Our Non-Slip Shoe Grips & Heel Huggers will be your new best friend so you can walk with confidence!

Heel Huggers are an absolute must have product for protecting your heels from scuffs, scratches and water damage. They provide invisible protection for high heels. RRP $19.95 which covers 6 pairs of shoes.

Non-Slip Shoe Sole Grips stick to your shoe soles to give you grip & extends the life of your precious shoes. No more embarrassing slip ups! RRP $9.95 1 pair $16.95 2 pairs

Buy online at www.originalsole.com.au with free delivery or contact us for your nearest stockist.

Product Reviews

bertie2, Emu Plains NSW


I was so excited to win this product... I went to a wedding last night and was complimented on the love heart shapes on my shoes(they saw them when I was sitting down). I had great joy in telling them what they were and how they work. They are easy to apply and have a textured base to grip, I am so confident to walking anywhere and not slip.

Marnie7, Camberwell VIC


I'm extremely clumsy so my friends were extremely pleased when they heard I got to try this product. The Sole Grips work fantastically and stop me sliding around on slippery floors. The Heel Huggers were easy to apply on to some of my nicer shoes that I really wanted to protect. Each pack came with 3 widths of heel huggers so that you don't have to shrink Huggers too much if you apply them on stilettos but you can still put them on chunky heels!

tje028, Darlinghurst NSW


The heel protector was very handy particularly given that I work in the CBD in Sydney and there are alot of cobblestones. Using the protectors on my heels did save the new heels from damage when my heels slipped in the gaps in the cobblestones, pavers and uneven concrete. I would recommend these heel protectors to any girls who want to maintain the integrity of the heels of their shoes and save them from the usual scuffs and scratches. They will definitely prolong the life of the heels of your shoes.

The non slip shoe grip I found was effective in the dry weather on all surfaces. I did find it a little less 'grippy' on wet flat surfaces. However, despite this I would still recommend their use as they do give you that little bit more security - particularly with new shoes.