10 x Original Konfidence Jackets

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About The Product

Your kids will be safe at the beach or in the pool in these Original Konfidence Jackets with their trademark bright yellow back. The Jacket’s key feature is its eight removable floats that can be easily removed for adjustable buoyancy as the child develops water confidence. This design has made it a popular alternative to arm bands which can be cumbersome for children, especially when they are learning to swim. The premium quality Jacket, is available in sizes 2-3 years; 4-5 years; and 6-7 years. They are the ideal aid to building up confidence in the water and their hi-visibility yellow safety backs provide added reassurance to parents.

Product Reviews

Jeujeu, Monterey NSW


Excellent floatation device. Being a jacket it wasn't as restrictive as other water safety products. Being able to adjust the level of support by removing foam inserts is excellent for any child new to the water and others with higher levels of water confidence.