10 x Novel Packs by Karen Turner

About The Product

Award-winning author Karen Turner continues her compelling historical romance in ‘Inviolate,’ the sequel to her debut novel ‘Torn.’

In ‘Torn’ Karen explored the dark side of relationships with the story of Alexandra Broughton set in the Regency Era in the fictional English town of Wolstone. In ‘Torn’ Alex experienced the devastating effects of war, unrequited love and an unforgivable betrayal from an unlikely source.

In ‘Inviolate’ Alex turns to her only sense of hope – an arranged marriage. Accepting this as her last chance to make a future for herself, she journeys to Scotland to face the unknown.

Trapped in a loveless, violent marriage and with nothing left to lose, Alex embarks on a fight for survival. Battling the irresistible forces raging against her, she remains bound to the one man she can never forgive – the one man above all others she can never forget.

Karen Turner is an Australian author, and as an escape from the corporate world, she discovered a passion for fictional prose, which led to a rather eclectic compilation of short stories, All That and Everything.

‘Inviolate’ is the sequel of a planned trilogy and is available from April 2014. 

Product Reviews

Lesley280, Eastern Heights QLD


I read the first book and finished at 11.30 pm and had to go to work the next day but i grabed the second book to start reading . I am a person who goes to sleep at 8.30pm this says how good the books were please buy and read

Ruby5565, Ellenbrook WA


A gripping read to the point of forgetting what is going on in the world around you. Alex is a strong character who all women would aspire to be. Definitely an author to be added to my favourites list!!!!

Elizabeth282, Shalvey NSW


I really enjoyed the books and I'm so glad I got the chance to read them. I'm not actually a fan of books that are set in an early era such as these but I love a good romance and these books were just that for me.
Torn was easy to read and held my attention right to the end. Karen Turner really makes you feel the characters and I felt like I knew them. She makes you really understand the character for what they were whether they were annoying or nasty and it makes you like them in an odd way. I felt sympathy for Alex because of they way she was and how she felt. I can only imagine it would be hard to be a 14 year old girl in that era, being the way she was.
" Breathing heavily and with her chestnut curls escaping her cap, she leaned over me. "I thought I'd find you here- lying in the grass with that dog. Look at the state of your dress!"
Who cares about my dress?" I drawled grumpily, shading my eyes as I squinted up at her. "I was dozing- you scared six months out of me.""

I felt a little hopeless after Torn and found this to be the case with Inviolate too and that just goes to show how much I felt for these books take you for the ride. I was so sad for Alex and just when you think things will get better it takes you straight back down.
" I can not return to Hamish- even if Patrick won't accept me"
He nodded his agreement. "You know that my son is a very stubborn man, even if he loves you still."
All in all the books were very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

asta, Rangewood QLD


I loved the first book Torn. I inhaled this sweet love story and was so happy that I had the second book to follow up with at hand otherwise I have no doubt that I would have had to take a same day trip to the bookstore. The characters were well developed and the story was well written and it left me wanting more.

The second book Inviolate took a little while to get into mainly because I was itching to see the interaction between the main characters again. But once the interaction started I was well and truly back into being enthralled with the story and was disappointed to see it end.

missblonde18, Berkeley Vale NSW


I enjoyed the reads - a good journey to take and a fab way to unwind. I will be passing them around

Samantha1321, Elsternwick VIC


I am an avid reader and especially enjoy historical fiction. The story was nice and did have a wonderful suspense that carried through both books, but I struggled with some of the poor punctuation and sentence structure.

I think the ideas are good and certainly the overall feel was there, but the quality of the composition was not always there to back it up.

That being said, I still enjoyed both novels, especially the odd appearances of 'The Lady', right when you had forgotten about her she would pop up again. Would have loved to see slightly more involvement from her!

Overall, though I am a nit-picky editor, I still think the author has done a great job and I'm sure will write many more successful novels in future.