10 x Norbu Sweetener Packs

About The Product

Norbu is a 100% natural sweetener that harnesses the clean sweet taste of Monk Fruit. Using the natural sweetness of monk fruit we created a healthy, natural way to enjoy a little sweetness – without the artificial nasties. At only 0.5 calories, it is, a great substitute for artificial sweetener and sugar (spoon by spoon) and is a perfect ingredient to all your favourite recipes and coffee or tea. Make the enlightened choice when sweetening your recipes. For more information visit www.norbusweetener.com.au

Product Reviews

Nicole1540, Bonogin QLD


I cook with sweeteners a fair bit and Norbu was a pleasant surprise. I've baked muffins and banana cake so far with it and they tasted perfect. I made freshly squeezed lemonade and that turned out really yummy. What impressed me about Norbu is it comes from a fruit called monk fruit and does not taste artificial at all. Low calorie and yummy you can't go wrong. There are various packaging options as well. A Great product Thank You!

Lara68, Taigum QLD


Absolutely loved this!!! You wouldn't even know the difference between normal castor sugar and this fantastic natural sweetener. I was so surprised this wasn't a powder like texture like most sugar substitutes.

Will definitely recommend to my friends and family and will buy again in the future.

Samantha476, Spencer Park WA


I was expecting something that tasted like artificial sweetener, but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this natural sweetener. I could easily replace normal sugar with this.

Sophia33, Dural NSW


The Norbu range is a fantastic addition to the natural sweetener range. With a variety of different forms it caters for many purposes and preference
.I would definitely recommend you give Norbu a go!

Sue697, Malmsbury VIC


I tried Norbu in a number of different ways. It made great Hot Chocolate, giving a gentle sweetness that was rounded and much smoother than sugar which can taste quite harsh. Also it was good in biscuits. I made a cake with it too which didn't work quite as well