10 x Natvia Icing Mix and Baking Packs

About The Product

Try it and you'll never go back! Sugar Free Baking Products with Natvia

Be one of the lucky baking fans to try the World's First Sugar Free Icing Mix. This pack includes two of our favourite baking products, the Natvia  baking pack and sugar-free icing mix. 

Try it making buttercream, icing or to use for your next baking masterpiece. Take the baking taste test and be truly converted to sugar free baking!  

Natvia is a 100% natural sweetener made with an expert blend of Stevia and Erythritol, a nectar found naturally in melons and grapes, Natvia delivers on taste whilst containing approximately 97% fewer calories than sugar. Natvia is the perfect alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Perfect for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, diabetics or for those who are wanting to manage their weight. Visit www.natvia.com.au for sugar free recipe ideas. 

Product Reviews

Skye165, Howard QLD


This is great tastes just like things with sugar but it's even better because there is none.

Natalie1099, Katherine NT


Starting with the baking pack I decided to use it in a recipe that I use very often to see if I could notice the difference. I made an apple cake. I will have to say my first attempt was not wonderful. The cake was heavy, not air filled and light. I re-read the box and read their website for some tips and found that I was supposed to cream the butter (really well) without the Natvia sweetener then add it. It also says that because it is naturally heavier that you can add some baking powder to help it rise. My second attempt was for the same apple cake and it came out a lot higher and lighter than my first attempt. Both cakes tasted great. The first was delish warm with a dob of cream. The second I used the Natvia Icing mix. The plates were licked clean by ALL tasters.

The Natvia Icing mix was so simple to make and came out very light and fluffy. After reading the nutritional information I even let the kids have extra on their cake. I found a great rosewater icing recipe on the Natvia website but I exchanged the pink for blue and made a tray of apple and banana muffins which came out yummy with the baking mix and topped them with a great big piped spiral of blue rosewater icing. Without the terrible over sugared taste of standard icing I was able to add loads more to the top of each cake and not worry how much extra energy and destruction the kids would produce. It didn't seem to affect them like sugar filled cakes, so in our house it was given a huge 10 out of 10.

June124448, Croydon North VIC


Wonderful products having a diabetic family member its a great way for him to enjoy lots more desserts and cakes and the rest of the family now have a healthy alternative I will definitely buying these products . Congratulations Natvia on your great products

Pat89767, Taylors Lakes VIC


As someone that is watching their weight, I found this product to be great. I can make cakes and not feel guilty about eating it.

Samantha476, Spencer Park WA


Good product, I used it to make some cupcakes and they turned out really good, taste fine.