10 x Natvia Icing Mix and Baking Packs

About The Product

Try it and you'll never go back! Sugar Free Baking Products with Natvia

Be one of the lucky baking fans to try the World's First Sugar Free Icing Mix. This pack includes two of our favourite baking products, the Natvia  baking pack and sugar-free icing mix. 

Try it making buttercream, icing or to use for your next baking masterpiece. Take the baking taste test and be truly converted to sugar free baking!  

Natvia is a 100% natural sweetener made with an expert blend of Stevia and Erythritol, a nectar found naturally in melons and grapes, Natvia delivers on taste whilst containing approximately 97% fewer calories than sugar. Natvia is the perfect alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Perfect for those seeking a healthier lifestyle, diabetics or for those who are wanting to manage their weight. Visit www.natvia.com.au for sugar free recipe ideas. 

Product Reviews

Erika103355, Lithgow NSW


All I have to say is that I'm sold on Natvia as I love my sweets and now I can have them without having any side affects that sugar has given me, no more aches in my teeth no more sugar cravings and bonus, less calories. Natvia has a sweet smell as soon as you open the box and doesn't have any aftertaste, I love it in my tea too.

Vanessa669, Auburn NSW


It makes a wonderful alternative to sugar. I tried the recipe for the coconut slices & the taste was awesome.
I am not sure if I would be able to use it as a sugar substitute in tea or coffee as when i tasted the Natvia plain, it had a slight bitter after taste which I feel comes trough in tea & coffee.

It is superb for cakes & desserts though. Especially in apple crumble.

I have yet to try caramelizing it to see how it tastes when caramelized.

Thanks so much for the chance to be involved in this trial! I look forward tto using it in more recipes.

My only other concern is that as a sugar substitue, it might not be able to compare price-wise. and would not be possible to use for everyday use.

Leanne904, Llanarth NSW


I was really excited to try this product, I've been wanting to try it for a little while now but wasn't sure that I could justify the price for it when I didn't know what the outcome of my baking products would be like.
I made vanilla cupcakes with the baking Natvia and followed the tip of creaming the butter really well before adding the Natvia. When I added the Natvia the texture of the butter became rough/granulated looking. Added the eggs one at at time into the batter which added well, texture of batter still rough looking, added flour and milk, texture still the same. They baked up fine (nice domes), but the texture was dense and springy. I made a cream cheese frosting that I wasn't a fan of at all made with the Natvia icing. It was very granulated and crunchy to eat. I think with a cream cheese icing the less icing added the better in this case.
Sad to say, I probably would not buy this product, mainly because of texture rather than taste.