10 x Munch® Cot Teething Rail Protectors

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About The Product

Munch® Cot Teething Rail Protector is a teether with the added bonus of protecting your child from harmful effects of chewing an unprotected cot rail and looking after your brand new cot.

Fits any sized cot including Boori. Don’t wait to see if your ‘little munchkin’ is going to be a muncher or not – it’ll be too late like it was for us!

It would be far better to protect the cot with an investment in a Munch® Cot Rail Protector

•Exceeds Australian Standards for acceptable plastics used in toys with no nasty chemicals: Non-Toxic, Phthalate free, PVC free, Halogen free, BPA free and can be recycled to live again.

•Protects the cot & protects Babies Teeth, both top and bottom teeth

•Designed as a soothing teether –with its soft chewy plastic and ridges to provide relief for sore gums

•Covers the whole rail, not just the narrow strip on top—1.3m long can be cut to size with sharp scissors if required

•No trapped germs, not in small sections that pinch fingers or trap germs in joins. Removable for easy, hygienic cleaning.

•Protects the environment—Eco Friendly

•Australian designed and owned product

•Attaches via Velcro or optional Straps that can be placed where required (no damage to your cot) Coloured straps tie on to the Munch® Cot Rail Protectors, which also double up as handy safe straps from which to hang toys.

•Fits all cots including Boori cots

•Provides the ultimate Protection for your Baby