10 x Meatcart Meat Packs

About The Product

Meatcart combines the old fashioned service of a butcher with the freedom to shop from anywhere you can access the internet, at a time that suits you.  Choose from a range of export quality portioned beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, seafood and sausages with home delivery to your door.  All Meatcart products are delivered according to the strictest food safety standards, and will arrived in an insulated cooler bag, which has been fully tested to keep your product chilled for a minimum of eight hours.  So if you're out or at work, your meat will still be in tip top condition when you get home. We can also deliver to your workplace if you prefer.  Meatcart’s user-friendly labelling and portion sizes mean there are options to fit every household.  Meatcart also offers options for perfectly portioned, calorie controlled, low fat meat products through the Correct Weight range.  The company is 100% Australian owned, with everything Meatcart sells being grown and produced here in Australia supporting local farmers and industries.  To shop online visit www.meatcart.com.au.

Product Reviews

harps59, Goodna QLD


this meat was truly moist tender and tasty, the sausages where some of the best i have had for some time, there was very little fat on any of it. the rump steak was tender and we all know that sometimes it can be tough. that was the first time i have had lamb steaks, and i think i'll be having them again.
it came packaged in individual sealed bags and was delivered in a handy reusable cooler bag with sealed bags of ice to keep cold during delivery.
my husband has given it a 10/10 and i agree

gra_gra_55, Alexandra Hills QLD


I was very impressed initially with the delivery and presentation of the pack in an unsulated bag with ice top and bottom.
Then we opened the meat. We had been supplied the Summer Sizzler: BBQ Master Pack.

This contained 500g rump steak, 500g lamb rump, 500g sausages and 1kg pork US ribs.

Each was packaged in a vacuum sealed pack.

We actually had a meal first with the ribs and there was plenty of meat on them and the flavour and quality of meat was very good.

For another meal we had the rump steak and the lamb rump and have to say that both were the most tender rump we have ever had. It was very good quality and fantastic eating. We were somewhat sceptical as we only ever use rump ordinarily for curries but this barbequed was a delight.

Lastly for another meal we had the sausages. We were pleased with the sausages but compared to other sausages we have had thought the seasoning in the sausages was a little bland. Nice but not quite enough flavour for us.

Overall though this was a great pack and we thought the presentation and quality of the meat was exceptional and would commend this to anyone. The portion controlled packaging would be great for anyone watching portion sizes.