10 x Marina’s Ambrosia Hair Dye Sets

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About The Product

Marina’s Ambrosia was founded in 2002 after identifying and clearing my own skin problems which started due to a contact allergic reaction from chemicals in supermarket brand skincare.

Marina’s Ambrosia skincare range formulations are handmade by a naturopath, using natural ingredients, chemically matched and closest to our own skin sebum, therefore the skin responds positively to what it is familiar with long term and creates balance.

The additive free skincare contains no additives with a 5 month shelf life if kept under 20 degrees, the mineral make up contains NO titanium dioxide, fillers, talc, nano size particles, parabens and other nasties.

The 100% Herbal hair colours range and treatments are plant based and farmed organically in fair-trade working conditions. All hair washing products are coconut based and made with coconut sudsing agents and vegetable based softeners without the use of palm oil products.

The Cancer Support Association in Perth have reviewed Marina’s Ambrosia products through a pharmacologist and found that this brand is safe to use for the super sensitive like those with cancer, going through treatments, remission, pregnancy and both men and woman of all ages as the brand is non toxic across the board.

Product Reviews

Alice in Wonderland, Greensborough VIC


This product certainly does what it claims.
I found the follow up email from Marina Herlihy from Marina's Ambrosia Products very welcoming. It also had the instuctions of how to use these products on the website, something that the actual packaging failed to have. The hair dye is chemical free with all natural ingredients and works extremely well. There are a great range of colours and the shampoo sample really is I must say the best I have ever used. It left my hair and scalp feeling wonderfully soft and nourished. I was also impressed to read that it has been tested by the cancer council as being well suited for those going through Chemotherapy. Overall a great product.

Francois, Prestons NSW


Good product, but I only got to use the shampoo and one of the hair dye so far and the colour is very rich and makes my hair shiny and smooth.

Ann284, Kallangur QLD


I was very excited to try this product as I'm a regular hair dyer and have always been a little concerned with all the chemicals etc that I use on my hair. I am dark and grey hair shows up quite strongly so I found using this it completely covered my greys which was just great. This product is definitely going to help so many people great product. Oh and just to let you know a little goes such a long way.

Nicole77012, Stansbury SA


Easy application and great colour coverage. I normally think of the chemist or supermarkets when purchasing hair dye; but will definitely recommend Marina's to friends