10 x Love you Forever MOVABLE Wall Stickers

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About The Product


Jazz up a room in seconds! Finally Wall Stickers that are as beautiful as they are MOVABLE.
Leaves No sticky adhesive on the walls. That's right No sticky adhesive on the walls.
Change your mood - Change your style.... WHENEVER YOU WANT!
No More Damaged Walls
• Removable and Movable over & over • Sticks to any smooth surface • Fun activity for all
• Instant WOW factor • Lush fabric-like finish • Australian designed and printed.

Product Reviews

Kathleen, Port Macquarie NSW


Top quality product. I can brighten up any room temporarily. Removable without leaving any residue. Everybody is happy!!!

Pieta4, Ulladulla NSW


I found these wall stickers lovely. They are good quality & vibrant. I would definitely want to purchase these if I was looking for a way to decorate a child's room.
Upon opening they were easy to remove & apply to the wall. Also easy to peel off the wall & move to another spot. A great product!

Tess2, Youngtown TAS


I have to admit I was skeptical about how well removable wall stickers would really work. We have had some bad experiences with sticky tape and some kind of jelly like wall stickables which left stains in the paint. However..........these are the perfect product!
Truly easy to remove and truly leaves no residue or even hint that they were ever there. If you have a young daughter like mine, who happens to love The Block, and also changes her mind like the wind, you will appreciate the ability to change the look of her room with no nasty side effects....my only question.......can we get adult versions? : )

Samantha538, Euroa VIC


My daughter was in love with these wall stickers before they were even fully out of the packet, and with good cause - they are beautifully vibrant and ever so cute. When I received them, I originally intended to leave applying them until after my daughter's bedroom had been painted. A few weeks later it became clear that it could be ages until we got around to painting, so took a chance and stuck them to her wall. The effect was so transformative and delightful that the awkward, faded colour of her room became almost attractive!

In the end, we went ahead and painted her room and the stickers faced their next challenge - how would they survive being removed and reapplied? I must admit that I was apprehensive, because even so these gorgeous stickers clearly stated that they were easily removable and reusable, I'd seen that claim before only to be disappointed. I needn't have worried; the stickers peeled off cleanly, easily and intact, and (once the wall had been painted and dried) restuck just as beautifully as they did the first time.

Overall, both my daughter and I adore these stickers. I've never before come across such a quick and easy way to completely alter and improve the look of a room. The colours and designs are just too sweet for words and the quality is superb.

Phoebe, Gordon NSW


To be honest I was at first worried about the stickers damaging the wall or leaving a residue however they were so gentle and don't stick too strongly to the paint so they caused no damage when I went to remove them. As they were so colourful, they were perfect for a kid’s room and I gave them to a very excited five year old to decorate her room. She absolutely loved them and the best part was she was able to have free reign to decorate her room as she wanted as the stickers were not permanent and could be removed if required. I am definitely going to keep buying them and using them as presents for all my nieces and nephews.

Alison11, Fulham SA


I have just moved house and needed a quick and easy way to jazz up my two year old daughters room, without doing anything too permanent that would be wasted when we renovate. How lucky that the movable wall stickers turned up!! Not only are they cute and colourful, but their versatility makes them a pleasure to use. I didn't have to worry about measuring or making a mistake, because if I did I could just pull it off and try again! It was a great game for my daughter too and I see us spending many more fun hours re arranging the adorable little owls on her bedroom walls. I even plan to keep them once the renovations are done! My only gripe? I wanted more!!

Gemika2, Granton TAS


the wall sticker are a fabulous design :) so cute! Nice and bright and look great on the wall.
the stickers were easy to put up on the wall. They were also just as easy to remove and change position, leaving no damage on the walls. Which is a big plus when you live in a rental property. overall very impressed