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Janice (Jenna Fischer) is down on her luck. Out of work and living with her well-intentioned but overbearing sister Jill, Janice is struggling to find her way and build a fulfilling life for herself. When she meets Tim (Chris Messina), a street performer whose unique talents as a “living statue” don’t exactly pay the bills, she recognises a kindred spirit. As they get to know each other, Janice begins to feel that she has met a like-minded person who could make her happy. But as their connection begins to blossom, Jill’s meddling ways threaten to undermine Janice’s first real shot at love.

Product Reviews

Cathy554, St Marys NSW


This is a great movie that I have already recommended to my friends to watch. Loved the down to earth Janice & Tim who you knew when they first met they were meant to be together. Janice's sister that she knew better & tried to interfere.
Love that it all worked out in the end.
Worth watching.

Vicki522, Fairfield VIC


I loved this movie! I usually don't enjoy "Rom-Coms" all that much as often the actors cast in them are high profile, glamorous and their lives seem set on a course that rarely deviates from the mainstream expectations of work, family and responsibility. I'd liked that the two people who got together in this film were unpretentious from the get-go, and didn't have to transform from being aloof, nasty, self-centred into better people. The characters were nice, ordinary people with ordinary problems, and as such, very relatable. It's simply a film about finding the person that gets you.

Tinny, Edensor Park NSW


Thank you for giving me the chance to review this delightful romantic comedy. I found it easy to watch with a couple of twists I didn't expect, to me it seemed a little slow to begin with but soon picked up with a good story line. A good movie to watch with all the cold rainy days we have been having. I think its a good chick flick or romantic males movie.

Kylie-Ann, Gympie QLD


Sweet, unique, a bit slow in parts, presents a different way of looking at life.

Belinda, Lake Munmorah NSW


I found this DVD to be thought provoking. It makes you realise there is a perfect fit for everyone. Great ending.

Sonia260, Altona VIC


So many positive messages in this movie, I really liked it. Kindred spirits meet and fall in love...so romantic! The relationship between the sisters in this movie is so convincing as we all have people in our lives who think they know best when we are unsure of ourselves. Watched it once but will definitely watch it again when I feel lost.

SC156, Hobart TAS


This movie started off very slowly and the storyline is quite weak but it is a feel good, easy to watch movie. Jenna Fisher is a very likeable character in the lead female role and Chris Messina plays a good looking but sad lead male role.

Good for a girls night in.

Sal59, Hallett Cove SA


Why do I feel flat and almost sad if this is a romantic comedy? Is the humor still on the cutting room floor?

The script has all the elements for, and those used in, most other romantic comedies, but the characters are too flat so it doesn’t quite make it.

The chemistry an audience senses between two characters is missing; again it almost makes it but not quite.

It also felt like it dragged until they got to the zoo, where our main characters finally meet almost an hour in. Then the director seems to realize “oops, no time left, quick lets make them fall for each other, and oh yes lets giver her a promotion!”

I’m sure some will rave about this movie and may be I just didn’t get it. For me it was not a movie I would want to pay for. I’d give it one star out of five.