10 x Live Free Gluten Free Hampers

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About The Product

Loved by Gluten Free'rs across Australia

Out of necessity comes invention, especially when it involves your child’s health. When her son was diagnosed a coeliac, Robyn Walton, founder of Live Free Gluten Free, had trouble sourcing gluten free food that was affordable and convenient – especially for school lunches. So, Robyn set out to develop a mix that was both delicious and easy to cook. Her aim was to provide the best possible gluten free diet for her son – and to help others do the same.

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia, Live Free Gluten Free uses only natural ingredients and are not only gluten free, but also low GI (glycaemic index) and free of eggs and dairy products. Proudly Australian made, owned and operated.

LFGF has become a popular choice for people with gluten intolerances, as well as vegans and those looking to remove both lactose and gluten from their diets (or "Gluten Free'rs as we call them).

For Robyn, the real measure of the success is the feedback she gets from the mothers– many saying LFGF Bread Mix is the first gluten free product they’ve found that tastes just like ‘real bread’.

• LFGF Bread Mix

• LFGF Pastry Mix

• LFGF Chicken Seasoning

Available in three sizes: 700g, 5kg and 10kg

Visit www.lfgf.com.au

Product Reviews

wandus, Kogarah NSW


I just baked the first bread in my life using the gluten free bread mix I received! I'm proud and elated as well. The bread did rise high, it smells divine and actually tastes very healthy. It has a fluffy texture. I like the whole grain look and taste of it. It's not too salty and very easy to make. I hope the pastry mix will be as well a success in my household. I had to give this product the high rating because it deserves it. I have to tell my gluten allergic friend about it because it can make her life much easier especially because she is a great bread lover and sometimes she just craves bread terribly

alyangel, Australia Fair QLD


This is product is a really good gluten free alternative. My family is completely wheat free and we didn't feel bloated or heavy after eating it, like we do with wheat products, its really yummy :)

- The chicken seasoning was great on roasts, easy to use, mixed well and found good to be added to patties or gravy. However thought the bag size was too big as I still have about half left. I was surprised that it had flavour enhancers 621, 627 and 630 (one of these being MSG) considering it was meant to be a "healthy" product. Because of this I don't think i would buy this product myself.

- We made thin base pizzas with the pastry mix. It made a very nice, light, crisp base that cooked well with toppings and had a nice flavour. My whole family liked it and I would buy this product and use it again.

- The bread mix was easy to use and make. It was light and fluffy, not dense and doughy. Easy to cut into slices and really tasty. However, it has little bits of Italian herbs throughout so we weren't able to eat it with sweet spreads, only savoury. I would buy this product, but it would be nice if they had a sweet version as well.

I would recommend this wonderful gluten free product.
Thanks :)