10 x Little Mashies Reusable Squeezie Containers

About The Product


Little Mashies reusable squeezie containers are just like the supermarket baby food and yoghurt squeezies except they are empty with a wide ziplock along the bottom so you can fill them up with your own healthy food, then wash and reuse over and over agian!

Little Mashies encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, cut food costs, and are an easy, fun, clean way to feed your children home-made goodness combined with store bought convenience!

Little Mashies containers are perfect for baby food, smoothies, ice-cream, custard, jelly, fruit crushers and other lunch box snacks. We love hiding foods like spinach inside chocolate custards, or serving green smoothies as a treat after school. Our Little Mashies website has loads of healthy fun recipes for baby food right up to school aged kids for using in their lunchbox.

Dishwasher safe, freezer safe, BPA free and suitable for hot and cold foods Little Mashies make meal-time easy!

Little Mashies reusable ziplock squeezies are available from www.littlemashies.com with prices starting from just $9.95

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Product Reviews

Lucy404, Salamander Bay NSW


Fantastic! !
These are amazing for the on-the-mum.
Easy to clean and use. Awesome for a healthy snack that kids call "FUN FOOD"
Very impressed

Andrea520, Grange QLD


Loved these pouches!

I previously purchased individual yoghurt pouches every week so the cost savings alone make these worthwhile. The plastic is nice and soft and the bright green colour is very appealing.

They look similar to prepackaged food which is great, although the colour can make it difficult to see if it has been cleaned properly between uses. Due to the length of the plastic below the press seal they be a bit fiddly to fill without getting food on the press seal.

Having said that, its good to know exactly what's going into my child's lunch, without worrying about preservatives and hidden additives - I will definitely be recommending Little Mashies to my friends.

Tamara397, Albion Park NSW


Very handy product to have. Easy to use, wash and very easy to fill up again once you get the hang of how much to put in. Could be handy having a mark to show how much to fill to when filling up from the bottom, but it doesn't take long to get used to it. Could also be handy having a little funnel included in the pack to fill from the top as i found it the easier way.
Good to know what is exactly in them rather than buying similar ready to eat packages and not knowing what is in them.

mnmsharp, Simpson VIC


Brilliant invention! Can be used for so many different foods such as custard, yoghurt, mashed vegetables and pureed fruit. Extremely easy to clean and to use. The ziplock is easy to seal and does not leak. Can be used by the whole family.