10 x Linden Leaves Fig Licorice Bathroom Sets

About The Product

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious home spa experience with these beautiful Fig Licorice products from Linden Leaves.

Sweet fresh notes of fig with spicy licorice undertones set the aromatic scene thanks to this long lasting, quality fragrance diffuser. The aroma is drawn up through the natural rattan sticks, softly diffusing into the atmosphere to scent your space.

The gentle cleansing Crème Wash can be used at the hand basin or in the shower or bath to purify the skin. Enriched with natural sweet almond oil for skin moisture and kiwifruit extract to brighten, this wash cleanses all skin types without drying. Refresh and cleanse your skin, leaving a delicious touch of fig licorice.

Pamper yourself with Fig Licorice Lotion, which includes the goodness of rich shea butter and sweet almond oil for natural skin moisture replenishment and kiwifruit extract to brighten. Light on the skin, yet rich in moisture, this lotion allows you to layer your fragrance and step out of the bathroom feeling fabulous.

The full Linden Leaves range is now finally available delivered direct to your home at www.lindenleaves.com.au.


Product Reviews

Scott375, Gordon VIC


Thank you Lifestyle Home & Linden Leaves for the opportunity to trial and rate these great products.

The Diffuser we put in our bathroom truly gave the bathroom the smell of a Luxurious Spa House

Living in Rural Victoria we often experience some harsh weather conditions causing my wife's skin to be dry on occassions - but using the Hydrating Lotion & Creme Wash has given her skin an enriched smoothness & freshness that she hasn't been able to find in other products on the market.

My only "minor" note of feedback for improvement would be that the packaging of the Lotion & Creme wash in plastic containers/bottles does not match the quality of the products - a more sophistocated packing would compliment the products to the high standard they deserve

Overall though - thouroughly impressed with these products and would highly recommend them


PS - my rating for this product is 5 stars

Amanda735, Dapto NSW


What a delight! The Linden Leaves Fig Licorice products smell Devine. I am not a licorice eater and feel the smell is overpowering but Linden Leaves have used this scent to perfection. The licorice scent provides the sweet smelling perfume a spicy bite. The defuser provides a subtle yet noticable aroma to the room 24hrs a day. I have had a number of complements from friends and family, all asking what the lovely smells was. It is a luxurious smell that you could never get from a supermarket air fresher.

The Linden Leaves body products; Fig Licorice Lotion and Fig Licorice Creme Wash are 5 star! They are both creamy and soft on my skin. They keep my skin moisturised and soft. The smell lasts on your skin like a subtle perfume. I feel like I am in a 5 star hotel spa every time I shower.

In saying this, these products are a luxury and the price represents the quality of the products and ingredients used. These are items I would purchase as a gift or a special treat not something that is affordable to purchase on a monthly basis. However you do not require a lot of the lotion or creme wash to provide desired effect making them cost effective.

*I am unable to click the "Click to Rate" button for some reason. I give this product 4 stars.

Michele, Warrnambool VIC


What an awesome product this is. It arrived and was beautifully packaged...looked wonderful. Opened it to see that it was just as impressive inside. The smell is beautiful and lingers for ages. The reed diffuser smells and looks lovely . The cream wash is like silk to use as is the body lotion. Love this product and would recommend it to anyone that was looking for something a bit different . Could not be happier with this pack.