10 x LED Flashlights

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About The Product

The P7 is one of the most popular LED flashlights on the market today. It is the perfect combination of size, power and easy-to-use operation. The P7 has simple to remember high/low/off settings, and features the Advanced Focus system to quickly cast a far-off spot, or close up spill light for reading. The P7 has an extremely durable anodized aluminum casing. It only requires four AAA batteries that are needed to power an impressive 200 lumens. It is great for camping, hiking, walking the dog, work around the house and more.

Product Reviews

Jensta, Kirrawee NSW


This flashlight came in a black box with a black ribbon around it. The first thing that I noticed was how small the flashlight is, but dont be fooled by its size. It packs a powerful punch, the light has two settings, low and high. It was actually a surprise how high the high setting is, it gives a better light than flashlights 10 times it size. This flashlight is perfect for me when reading at night, and especially when there is a black out. It is a very sturdy construction and very easy to use.

Curt, Cronulla NSW


The pocket size component was handy that I could slip it inside my shirt pocket, and use it to identify serial numbers on products at work in hard to reach areas. My wife found it compact enough to slip inside a handbag and use it to find keys etc. The kids found it fun to identify possums and bats in the trees with its range

John758, Horsley NSW


This small flashlight is an amazing product which really blew me away in many areas.
As a shift operations manager in the steel industry we need products to be sturdy in design and this flashlight fits that criteria with its outer metallic casing. Many times I have required a strong beam of light to see distant objects and with the added feature of quick adjustable focus I can now see everything at short and long range. The dimensions of this flashlight are just right and the pouch supplied perfect for you to carry it everywhere you go.
I am so impressed with this flashlight I am now ordering more for my operators who have found this flashlight far superior to other flashlights which they had been using for many years.
Thanks for giving me the chance of trialling this product and now I am a facebook friend of LED LENSER and I look forward to seeing more products in the future which we can use in my industry.

John Kennedy

annette, Bald Hills QLD


incredible amount of light for such a little torch, was also nice and compact. a great accessory to the home incase of power outages

jules56, Moe VIC


A great lightweight, robust easy to use hand held flashlight. I particularly liked the the option of a high or low setting to suit the amount of light you wish to use. The advanced focus was also a very nice innovation, the spill light was particularly good for working under the house and in the ceiling cavity, whereas the powerful spot was very good at focusing on far off objects.
A most impressive, well made flashlight which I am sure anyone will be pleased to own.

Gregory44, Kelso QLD


When I recevied this flashlight I Turned it on I was quite impressed It lit up my yard so I went to my rear fence where there is a school at the rear of my yard and it it up as good as any torch I have I even say better.
While testing this torch we went on holiday to Bali and everyone was impress with it when it fell into the water while diving and still worked.
And so far it's given very good life out of the batteries I would recommend to anyone who needs a great tourch that was not to heavey or to big.

Jeana, Yokine WA



First surprise – the batteries are included!

Second surprise - gives up to 130 hours of light on one set of batteries. Really - wow.

This is NOT a torch – it's so much more than that. It has 10 possible accessories specifically for professional applications (read police, emergency services, boating, camping, tradies and more).
This is equipment designed for pros and users who expect only the best.

Since I received my P7 I have seen it on almost every Police TV show or movie attached to a gun. Can even be used on a runway to signal a plane or direct traffic!

Made of only the best components, and the focusing system is now considered one of the best in the world.

Adjusting the light is particularly easy and is done with one hand. Actually, one finger is all you need to move the lamp head forwards or backwards to switch from low beam to long distance light.

This torch is pretty damn bright - especially considering it's compact size. Out with the bulky old ugly (and really heavy!) torches and in with the P7.

Frankly, this torch is awesome.