10 x Le Tan Packs

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About The Product

Le Tan is loving summer and has been since 1977. Le Tan is a household brand for sun protection and self-tanning and is proudly Australian owned and made.

With an extensive range of broad spectrum sun protection for the face and body, sunscreen oils and after-sun care, Le Tan has been providing Australians with the very best in sun protection for over 30 years.

Products to be included in the prize pack:

Coconut Oil 30+ 125mL

Face Tan 75mL

Le Tan in Le Can DB 150g

Flawless Legs B 75g

Product Reviews

kiwinewbie, Morayfield QLD


Easily applied, no nasty odour, no streaks and looks natural. That's what I found when I tried on "Le tan in Le can". My legs looked like I live at the beach and not one of my friends could tell it was fake.
I was completely satisfied and recommend it to all my friends, It wasn't fiddly or complicated and "Flawless Legs" was true to it's words.
Try this pack out for yourself, it's inexpensive and your skin deserves the summer glow

Melany3, Wakeley NSW


The Coconut Oil sunscreen with SPF 30+ had a very pleasant fragrance and left the skin feeling hydrated with a lovely glow. I definitely prefer using this product as an alternative to regular sunscreen products that often have an unpleasant scent and thick texture.

The Face Tan in 'Radiant Glow' was a great instant self tanning lotion. I found that it was long lasting, leaving minimal, if any, streaks when applied. Another benefit was that the product contained vitamin E thereby leaving the skin feeling hydrated and soft.

The Le Tan in Le Can was an extremely easy to use product. What I particularly liked was the 360 degree nozzle that ensured an even and streak-free application of the airbrush tan, leaving skin with the appearance of a natural tan. The beautiful vanilla scent was also a benefit, as many other similar products on the market have an unpleasant odour.

Flawless Legs in 'Bronze' is definitely a great product if you wish to achieve a temporary tan that can be easily washed off. This is not to say that the product isn't long lasting, as I was very happy with the long lasting coverage over freckles and veins provided by the product.

missblonde18, Berkeley Vale NSW


This pack of Le Tan goodies is perfect for Summer! I am loving the Coconut Oil Sunscreen, as this product is a new innovative move and to have the blend of oil plus protection is amazing!! The face tan is natural and subtle, but makes a huge change and impact - I just adore it. The other spray products are simple to use, work well and really make me feel like a Summer goddess. I love them all

Kristen75, Berwick VIC


Flawless Legs:
The flawless legs spray is amazing. It goes on dry and then all you need to do is rub it around your legs and you get a tan that has no shrinks or white patches. If gives you a nice even tan so you can wear any shorts and dresses with confidence. The best thing about it is that it dries in 15seconds. It was very easy for me to chuck on as I was running out the door. Great time saver for those that don’t have the time to tan.

Le Tan in Le Can:
This product is a personal favourite. I find that if you apply this product as per instructions you end up with a tan as good as one from a salon. It also last up to 7 days and since you have the bottle at home you can easier fix up any areas that have washed off. It gives you a nice natural look.

Face Tan:
I used the face tan as a boost under my makeup and it worked! If give you a nice even tan that advances the look of your makeup giving you a healthy looking smooth complexion.

Coconut Oil:
The coconut oil works very well. I was very impressed that this product was 30+ because it meant I could use it in the sun without the risk of serious sunburn. It helped enhance my tanning session.