10 x Le Rêve Candles

About The Product

Transform your home into a private paradise where you can be uplifted, feel relaxed and re-energised through your choice of fragrance. 

Le Rêve Candles feature a 100% natural soy wax base saturated with high quality fragrance for maximum effect. This premium blend is hand-poured into a contemporary glass jar with lid and is finished with a pure cotton wick for healthy fragrance delivery.  

Le Rêve Candles are non-toxic and boast an intense fragrance level in a variety of scents from tropical Coconut & Lime to creamy Tahitian Vanilla to suit any mood and colours to complement any home decor. A generous burn time of up to 95 hours means you’ll enjoy your favourite fragrance for longer. 

Le Rêve is an Australian Company accredited Choose Cruelty Free and is committed to caring for the environment by choosing to manufacture without the involvement of animals - vegetarians and vegans can also enjoy these products. 

Soy candles burn clean, do not produce black soot or smoke and generally burn 30% longer than paraffin candles.


Product Reviews

Serene2, Torquay QLD


Firstly, the packaging is beautiful! Such a pretty box, could be given as a gift without need for wrapping. It has a scent that flows through the house leaving the air beautifully fragranced, without being too strong or overpowering, which is very important as some overly-scented products can give headaches. I would describe the scent as luxurious, indulgent. I love how the air feels clean, not smoky at all. I also really like that these candles, in the process of being made, are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. Long lasting: I have used my candle for hours and it doesn't look like the wax level has gone down at all!

Belinda536, Upper Coomera QLD


I reviewed this product and I was very happy with the way it kept it's smell for many hours it was fantastic I loved it and will sure be buying some in the near future. The candle made my whole house smell lovely even when it was put out the smell still remained for many hours throughout the entire house. One happy customer here thanks.

Joyanne , Warrnambool VIC


The outside packaging of the candle was very pleasant. It was painted is pastel shades of a floral design that was very soothing to the eyes.
I have burned the candle on most of the nights after I received the promotional product. The candle burners well. And will last an extended period of time. Releasing a pleasant smell into the room and permeating throughout the house. The wick of the candle requires trimming at certain times., as state on the jar. The candle burns evenly in the jar in which it is housed. My candle was Sweet fig and peach. I would not have brought this one because of its pink colour but it smelled very nice and not overpowering, so would difinetly purchase this product.

Gail56700, Glenning Valley NSW


I have been enjoying the Sweet Fig & Peach Le Revev soy candle. It burns longer than most scented candles & leaves a lingering scent in the room.