10 x Kleva Bake Snakes

About The Product

The all new Bake Snake is the fun and easy way to make cakes in all shapes! Just connect the strips together to make your shape, place on a foil-lined tray, pour in your mix or batter and watch as you bake your very own shape. The Bake Snake easily peels from your cake without sticking and the strips are dishwasher safe.

Make baking easy! If you want to reclaim your cupboard space and bake cakes in all shapes, numbers and even the entire alphabet, then try out the Bake Snake and see for yourself.

Product Reviews

barbara130786, Oak Park/melbourne VIC


This is an amazing product for the person who likes making cakes in many different shapes, I used to when I had children young and had to make the cake then cut it [badly] into the shape I wanted.
The "Kleva Bake Snakes" do all this for you and you do not have bits of cake left over like I used to have.
It did take me a little while to shape the design that I wanted for my cheese cake , but I do think that as you got used to doing this it would become very easy.
Loved the idea and you do not need a base for the snake only a flat tray and foil with the Matt side up.
I know I needed a brush to clean the snake as some of the cheese cake batter got onto the grooved outside. Next time I will be much more careful that this doesn't happen.
Jut a matter of practice. It also comes with a very good book which has many, many designs that you can do with the "Kleva" snake Also quite a few of lovely looking cakes to make.
This is made of Silicone and can be baked in the oven liked I did with my baked Cheesecake.
or used for cheese cakes [unbaked] I would think jelly would look great in different shapes.
Loved this product.

helleva, Capalaba QLD


I love Kleva bake snakes, it is so easy to use and clean. You can make different shapes and letters and number with the strips. I definitely recommend buying it.

Diane557, Fitzgibbon QLD


I found this very easy to use. All of the pieces clipped together easily and was effortless. At first was a bit sceptical about how it would work with a basic cake mix (leaking out of the bottom and through the joins). The cake mix didn't leak through at all. During the baking process, it held together well. When removing it after the cake had cooled, it came off the cake with ease without taking any of the cake with it. The pieces were easy to disconnect, wash and place in a kitchen draw, using very little space. Loved it!