10 x Jordans Cereal Hampers

About The Product

Make breakfast your favourite meal of the day with Jordans cereal! Full of great tasting wholegrain goodness, blended with quality ingredients, it promises to be a taste sensation in a bowl.

The cereal range includes Jordans Crispy Oat Clusters and Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola, both a blend of baked wholegrain oats and fruit.  In every bag you’ll find the plumpest, sweetest and great tasting ingredients.

The only question is what flavour will you go for today?

Jordans Crunchy Oat Granola RRP $6.99, Jordans Crispy Oat Clusters RRP $6.99. Available in Woolworths and Coles. Products on offer differ by store

Product Reviews

Nicola31, Belrose NSW


Oh so yummy! What a treat to trial. I have tried the Jordan's Oat clusters before - they are delicious. This morning I tried the Crunchy Oat Granola - Fruit and Nut combo. It was perfect with some strawberries and some lo-fat milk, and kept me feeling satisfied until lunchtime. Thanks for the opportunity to trial these products!

claire, Palmwoods QLD


All i can say is yum. The whole family loved Jordan's Crispy oat clusters and crunchy oat granola. At first the 3 kids were checking out the clusters and fruit, but as soon as they started on the first box of crispy oat clusters and flame raisin, they finished the box in 3 days. The cereal was fresh, tasty, crunchy and enjoyable. My favourite was crispy oat clusters crunchy nut. The kids enjoyed their granola and clusters with milk and i loved mine with Greek yoghurt and fresh berries. A great breakfast if you are after good and wholesome start to the day.

claire evans

Justin268, West Lakes Shore SA


I would go as far to say these are the best oat clusters I've ever eaten. They taste awesome, and it's hard not to eat the whole packet in one sitting! Each of the oat cluster flavours were great, but my favourite of the bunch would have the be the Flame Raisin. The granola was always fantastic, a mix of flavours that were delicious and never got boring. It wasn't hard to convince my family either, seeing as I had to pretty much fight them off just to not have the whole box gone in a day! No doubt I would recommend this cereal, and make future purchases myself.

Cheekiberri32, Cloverdale WA


Most flavoursome breakfast cereal ever! Love the real pieces of fruit combined with nutty texture of granola clusters. Whole family comes back for a second bowl!

DarkEnigma1, Amaroo ACT


Mostly, I don't like or enjoy eating cereal - as I hate it when it goes soggy - so I wasn't sure what to expect with this review. I knew, at least, that my kids would enjoy a change. However, I have been pleasantly surprised and Jordans Crispy Oat Clusters will definitely be showing up on our future shopping lists. Crunchy and flavoursome with bursts of deliciousness from the freeze dried fruit - and best of all, no sogginess. Jordans Crispy Oat Clusters stay crisp and crunchy right through breakfast :)

Rosemarie81, Willetton WA


What could be better than receiving a big box of crunchy cereal to try out? Not much!

My family and I loved all of the flavours in the Jordans Cereal Range, but the standout for me was the Crispy Oat Clusters in Raspberry flavour. Lots of freeze dried Raspberries combined with crunchy nutty clusters was a match made in heaven. It's also extremely filling (we ate it with full cream milk). After having it for breakfast I didn't feel hungry until well after noon, and didn't need a morning snack.

The oat granola works really well as a base for slices, I made a yummy one for my daughters lunch box.

Overall this is a great brand with amazing flavour combinations. We'll definitely be adding it to our weekly shopping list!