10 x Jagged Edge Makeup Glasses

About The Product

Jagged Edge Makeup Glasses are one of the biggest movers from their fashion eyewear range.

The Makeup Glasses are a distinctive and innovative eyewear solution to help you apply makeup beautifully when your eyesight is less than 20/20.  No more squinting or straining to see if you’ve applied your makeup properly.


Product Reviews

Bernadette11, Alkimos Beach WA


This product is a must have if you love makeup!! Its so easy to apply my makeup on because it zoomify everything!!

Sharon1084, Cowra NSW


Amazing! I had actually this year stopped wearing makeup as I just couldn't see to put my eye makeup on, the last time I wore makeup, one of my daughters had to put my eye makeup on for me and I kept blinking my eyes as I found it a little scary having someone else do this for me.
With my new Jagged Edge Makeup Glasses, I can now put my own eye makeup on when ever I want.
Thank you so much for making this possible! I love my new glasses!

BARB, Hamilton VIC


Great idea for those who wear glasses and have trouble applying eye makeup. Lots of giggles amongst the granddies too, when looking at granna with only one lens in her spectacles! Make sure you try for the correct magnification prior purchasing.

Kirsty2, Ashmore QLD


Although it took me a few times to get used to wearing these while applying my morning makeup, they are now an essential part of my morning routine. No more smudges or makeup misplacement.