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About The Product

www.InstaKringle.com.au – It’s The Lack of Thought That Counts!

A garden gnome, tartan tie, two minute noodles and egg timer have all made the list of the worst Kris Kringle presents, as new research reveals, despite coughing up a considerable $20 per gift, one third of Aussies throw them away or dump them in a desk draw to be forgotten.

The research, commissioned by PayPal to reveal Aussies’ true views of the office Kris Kringle, shows 44% don’t like their present and one in five re-gift them! Despite half of Aussies finding the Kris Kringle shop stressful, we’re still only dedicating a limited amount of energy to it.

In celebration of the profound lack of thought Aussies invest in this Christmas tradition, PayPal has worked with some of its 60,000 Australian retail partners, including Glue, Kogan and eBay, to create www.InstaKringle.com.au . A one stop shop for Secret Santa gifts, www.InstaKringle.com.au is set to help people put even less thought into this festive ritual.

Quick, secure and convenient, like all PayPal transactions, InstaKringle.com.au selects gifts based on a series of personality traits identified by the user. The site not only provides a selection of perfectly matched but totally useless presents, but allows users to purchase them online there and then.

All gifts are $30 and under, and for the slacker inside all of us, the site also offers free wrapping paper and gift card designs that you can print off at work to use when your gift arrives. You don’t even need to leave your desk!

To find the right gift for your Kris Kringle, check out all the gifts available and view some quirky product videos visit: www.InstaKringle.com.au

Product Reviews

Emma986, Mount Gravatt East QLD


InstaKringle designed by paypal makes finding the right Kris Kringle gift easy and efficient. All products are under $30 dollars and are designed to be quirky and fun.I love the personality test on the home page, finding the right gift in only a few clicks of a mouse! While buy over the internet saves a lot of time and effort, be sure to buy well in advance as you don't want your gift arriving after Christmas.