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About The Product

"Flawless skin is not just for the rich and famous"



What does Homepeel’s Fortnightly Fruit Peel do?

• Noticeably softer skin

• Smoother complexion

• Brighter complexion

• Improve pigmentation

• Age spots

• Refresh skin tone

• Sun Damage

• Dull Skin

• Oily Skin

• Congested Skin

Skin gets clogged with dead skin cells, which makes it dull and lifeless. Fruit Peels are a deep form of exfoliation which removes dead skin to improve skin tone and texture.

Homepeel’s Fortnightly Fruit Peel is a great way to induce a controlled wound to the skin. Regenerating and resurfacing the skin. A Fruit Peel sheds away the outermost layers, revealing new skin beneath.

Fruit Peels improve skin texture for the softer and smoother complexion of younger, healthier-looking skin.

Skin that GLOWS!

About Homepeel - we are an Australian company and all our products are manufactured here in Melbourne. We specialise in offering affordable solutions to achieve flawless skin. Salon quality skin treatments for home use for a fraction of the price www.homepeel.com.au

Product Reviews

Kirsty317, Grafton NSW


At first, I was very nervous about using a product with the word "peel" in, especially at home! I found the instructions very easy to follow and was relieved that it didn't burn or itch! I didn't scrub too hard with the gauze the first time as I was worried I would damage my skin. I had a few blemishes around my chin but after the first use my skin was noticeably softer, smoother and more glowing. The second use I was more confident and used the gauze properly and was amazed at the difference in my skin! I loved this product and have already recommended it to my friends and family members.