10 x Higher Living Herbal Tea Packs

About The Product

For a Better, Brighter, Bolder Cuppa you can't go past Higher Living Organic Herbal tea.

Higher Living infusions are made with the finest quality organic ingredients for an altogether uplifting experience.

There's an infusion that will soon become your firm favourite - choose from Ginger Kick, Evening, Licorice, Vitality ,Cocoa and Chilli, as well as Green Tea Chai ;

Higher Living Herbal teas are available at Coles, Woolworths as well as independent supermarkets around Australia.

So make the change to Higher Living Organic Herbal tea - your guaranreed of a Better, Brighter, Bolder Cuppa.

Check out www.higherlivingherbs.com

Product Reviews

Honi6, Herston QLD


I was so pleased to write a review of this excellent product.

On first glance, the product is visually appealing. The artwork on the packet is very stylish.

The product smells nice. No musty yucky smells that I associate with herbal teas.

On a first cautious sip, I found the first tea "Vitality" very pleasant and surprisingly sweet.

My favourite tea was Ginger Kick. For a confirmed coffee drinker this was a big change but left me feeling refreshed. It was also soothing on a sore throat. Cocoa and Chilli was a surprise because I didn't expect to like it and did immensely. The Green Tea Chai would be a happy alternative to a cup of coffee, as it had a pleasing blend of spice and caffeine kick.

I looked up the product's website and found new flavours available overseas, which I am excited to try.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to explore a tea or coffee alternative. Herbal infusions left me with a sense of well-being from trying something that is healthy as well as luxurious. Five stars!!

Lisa661, Salisbury SA


Have been very lucky to try Higher Living Herbal Tea range, a great selection of teas good that they are organic and caffeine free. Particularly liked the Green Tea Chai pleasant flavour, cinnamon and cloves come through very warming and satisfying. The Evening tea selection was calming and relaxing just the thing to wind down with an excellent addition prior to sleep. The Ginger kick was warming comforting and found to be good to settle the stomach. Cocoa and Chilli tea had a bite of chilli to begin with which subsided to a creamy chocolate richness. Lastly the Licorice tea was very pleasing the flavour not overwhelming a pure and pleasant tea. Overall on taste along I would indulge in a Higher Living Herbal Tea, with the additional knowledge that all teas are caffeine free and organic the choice is simply, so sit back and enjoy a cup today. Lisa

Stacey374, Moonta Bay SA


I have to say that i completely love the Higher Living Organic herbal tea range. All the flavours i have tried are delicious and refreshing. I especially love the cocoa & chilli. It has just the right amount of "kick". Green tea chai is something else (in a good way) and ginger kick is great for colds. I will definitely continue to shop for this brand and hope to see a lot more flavours over time!

Judy617, Greenwith SA


Thankyou for allowing me to sample these wonderful teas, I especially enjoyed the coco & chilli tea, although I did enjoy all that I received.
loved that they tasted just as good cool as they did hot.
Thanks for providing details of where to buy, I will be checking out the different flavours that I haven't tried.
I am sold on your teas.


Judy Howarth

Sharyn, Narre Warren North VIC


Thank you for the opportunity to try these amazing products. I am a lover of tea and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The Ginger Kick was great to settle my stomach, I shared the Cocoa and Chilli with a friend and we both loved the warmth and flavour. My husband is a lover of licorice and was surprised at the depth of flavour in the Licorice choice. My favourite was the Green Tea Chai, a delicious mix of east and west. I have since seen these products in Coles and will continue to keep them readily available in my home.

Nicole1345, Westcourt QLD


The flavour strength from all varieties was excellent. They had a nice strong smell to the tea that lasted really well. Personally I wasn't a fan of some of the flavour combinations (particularly the ginger). A nice alternative to traditional tea.

Lana116, Wallan VIC


The Evening Organic Herb Infusion.
After making a cup and allowing it to brew few minutes, the taste of
lavender was to strong for my tender taste buds, it over took the blended
taste of other herbs.

Cocoa and Chilli.
It tasted like a very weak cup of chocolate with spice not a good taste.

This was good, not too strong, i was so calm after drinking this i didn't
yell at anybody ,Magic.

Green Tea Chai.
Good taste had a good balance between green tea and Spices.

Ginger Kick
It does have a kick to it, Uplifting? Yes. Maybe have a cup once a week ,it
was the same uplifting feeling i get on Friday afternoons.

Thank you for allowing me to do a scientific valuation of the tea's i will
stick to red wine.