10 x Health and Wellbeing Packs

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About The Product

Get your pick-me-up this season with a health and wellbeing pack.


Hairy Lemon Effervescent tablets.

Hairy Lemon is an ideal formulation that helps optimise energy levels, aid the recovery process and improve mental alertness. Containing several key ingredients such as B-group vitamins and Vitamin C, plus Guarana, Ginseng and Biotin, Hairy Lemon also helps with nervous tension and stress, and provides energy.

Hairy Lemon is available at selected pharmacies and Woolworths nationally in three pack sizes. See Hairy Lemon at www.hairylemon.com.au and 'like' us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hairylemonpickup

Also try Fresh Start, a natural mix of herbs and minerals to assist detox and hangover relief, and Iron Melts Strawberry Chewable tablets, a pleasant tasting iron and vitamin supplement which literally melts in your mouth.

Mother Bear’s cute range of 'Mr Men' & 'Little Miss' first aid and child comfort products. Specifically designed for kids, they are also great for adults, young at heart. Try the Little Miss Sunshine and Mr Men Hot/Cold Pack, Mr Messy Wet Wipes, Mr Bump and Little Miss Daredevil Adhesive Strips and Mr Messy Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Spray.

Each care pack is worth over $50 and there is 10 up for grabs.

Product Reviews

LV79, Trafalgar VIC


wow there was alot in this pack, alot of great stuff. i particularly liked the hairy lemon,it really gave me a boost of energy in the morning especially. the iron tablets taste great and i love he hand sanitiser spray, great for my handbag.

Chelsea91, Cranbourne VIC


I loved my little care package. Everything was in there that I need after a big night out. The hairy lemon got me going and the Iron Melts kept me going. Then the next day I used the detox tabs and felt like I could take on the world again the next night.The sanitizer spray came in really handy in those public toilet situations.
All up a great pack to have in my handbag.