10 x Healed Gift Packs

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About The Product

Healed is a range of uniquely natural skin products, created by a leading Melbourne podiatrist. All products are rich in active botanical ingredients that are good for our earth while being naturally good for your mind, body and soles.


The Healed range is totally natural, totally effective and eco-friendly. Free from petroleum, silicone & urea Healed products are made in Australia, beautifully packaged & environmentally friendly. Your mind will rest easy knowing that you’re using a product that is kind to planet earth.


Healed Skin Protect Anti-Chafing Balm is an excellent multipurpose natural healing balm for protection against chafing, blisters and many skin irritations – including chapped lips, sensitive skin, burns and insect bites. Containing calendula oil and Vitamin E, Healed Skin Protect Anti-chafing Balm is the earth friendly way to effectively treat your body of nature’s blemishes.


Healed Sole Food Foot Balm and natural wooden foot file are good for your soul and your soles. Carefully blended to optimise skin health without the use of any harsh chemicals, Healed Sole Food- Foot Balm uses only natural ingredients chosen for their effectiveness against dry skin & cracked heels without being greasy.

Healed cares for feet, body and Mother Earth – naturally!

I am Healed.

Product Reviews

Anita8, Aldinga Beach SA


"Healed really helped me 'out of the woods' with some great foot care. AND the rub in cream really was like 'sitting in the woods' when applying it- The manuka and other fragrance was earthy and pleasant for the senses.
I love been barefoot, but does take it's toll on soles. The foot file for rough skin was fine exfoliation. After one week of rubbing in cream I looked at bottom of my feet and thought
"The age of my feet has gone!" The layers of aged roughness was "healed".

Melanie1811, Manifold Heights VIC


The Healed Gift Pack, which includes a wooden foot file, Sole Food Foot Balm and Skin Protect Anti-Chafing Balm, is beautifully packaged and made in Australia by a Podiatrist based in Melbourne.
The thing that most appealed to me about this range is that it is totally natural and free from petroleum, silicone and urea.

The first item I tried in the gift pack was the wooden foot file. I found this to be light and easy to use to soften heels and other hardened areas on the foot.
After using the foot file, I applied the Healed Sole Food Foot Balm to my feet daily, which worked wonders! My feet haven't felt this soft and in such good condition for a very long time!

My favourite item in the gift pack was the Healed Skin Protect Anti-Chafing Balm.
This can be used not only against chafing but blisters, chapped lips, sensitive skin, burns,
insect bites, nappy rash, etc.
I used the balm for a number of the suggested uses and was rapt with it! In particular for my dry and chapped lips.
Just one application daily made an unbelievable difference and like my feet, my lips have never been softer and healthier! I have been trying to find a lip balm this good for years.
The great thing about it, is that as well as smoothing the lips, it feels as if it is exfoliating them at the same time.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looking for an excellent multi-purpose balm.

I am Healed!

Sasha5, Skye VIC


I was really excited to try out the Healed Gift Pack. When the pack arrived, I was impressed by its contents and packaging. I loved the environmentally friendly wrapping paper and boxes, a little string holding the products together, and several foot care tips typed on little pieces of paper. Beautifully done and well thought of, thumbs up!
I was a bit disappointed with the foot file, although it looked cute and is natural, it is not strong at all. I take very good care of my feet, but this foot file failed to remove dead skin properly, even though there wasn't much of it. I would love tho see a more effective foot file. I am also not sure about how long it will last.
Loved the "old-style" foot balm's appearance. It also did what was promised. Didn't leave any oily residue on my feet, like many other balms do. Although I didn't mind its interesting smell, my husband absolutely hated it and I was banned from using it before going to bed! :-)
The anti-chafing balm was great! Loved the way it can be used anywhere on your body. Amazing product and cute little tube that can be taked anywhere with you! Very good quality, would definitely consider buying both balms, but not the foot file.
To sum up, I really enjoyed using Healed foot products. I love the fact they are locally made, environmentally-friendly and all natural! Great!

Kathryn1978, Frankston South VIC


Healed foot file was a nice size, great with the cord on it. Very effective on dry feet (I've always filed wet feet, so using it mostly on dry feet and occasionally on wet feet worked very well).

Healed foot balm had a very pleasant smell.
I only needed to use a small amount, so very efficient.
I used it on feet, elbows, knees and cuticles.
I found regular use really improved the condition of these.

Healed Anti-chaing Balm- I would prefer in a tube.
A little bit went a long way.
I used it as a lip balm and on minor cuts. Not regularly though so haven't seen the long term benefits of this particular item.