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About The Product

Healed is a range of uniquely natural skin products, created by a leading Melbourne podiatrist. All products are rich in active botanical ingredients that are good for our earth while being naturally good for your mind, body and soles.


The Healed range is totally natural, totally effective and eco-friendly. Free from petroleum, silicone & urea Healed products are made in Australia, beautifully packaged & environmentally friendly. Your mind will rest easy knowing that you’re using a product that is kind to planet earth.


Healed Skin Protect Anti-Chafing Balm is an excellent multipurpose natural healing balm for protection against chafing, blisters and many skin irritations – including chapped lips, sensitive skin, burns and insect bites. Containing calendula oil and Vitamin E, Healed Skin Protect Anti-chafing Balm is the earth friendly way to effectively treat your body of nature’s blemishes.


Healed Sole Food Foot Balm and natural wooden foot file are good for your soul and your soles. Carefully blended to optimise skin health without the use of any harsh chemicals, Healed Sole Food- Foot Balm uses only natural ingredients chosen for their effectiveness against dry skin & cracked heels without being greasy.

Healed cares for feet, body and Mother Earth – naturally!

I am Healed.

Product Reviews

Julie58, Byford WA


After trying many products to no avail, I thought that this may have been one too.
How wrong was I.
The foot file is easy to use and surprisingly gentle on the feet, leaving them softer and smoother.
The foot balm is just great...............it does work and as it says is also non greasy, where many other products are, so there are no worries about leaving greasy marks on the bed sheets.
My feet havedefinately benefitted from these products and will continue to use them, will even convert my daughter.
The only downside I have is the smell, not sure what it is but really do not like it, but will not stop me from using it.
Thank you

marketraider, Caboolture QLD


No longer do my feet have to suffer closed in shoes all summer. The combination of the Healed file sole foot has my feet looking and feeling great! The easy to follow process is one the can fit into even the busiest persons day. Healed smells great and works wonders on poor tired feet.

Deidre14, Deebing Heights QLD


Love the products, they smell great and aren't greasy, the balm has also helped with some skin irrations.