10 x GemCandles Frangipani Jewellery Candles

About The Product

Gem Candles, all the things you love rolled into one!  Australian Made & Owned. All Natural Ingredients. Environmentally Friendly. Vegan [no palm oil or colourings] and Recyclable Packaging

A unique formula that arrives in the form of a candle, that when heat is applied, it melts into a luxurious oil that is safe to be applied onto the body.

1. It’s a Candle.
2. It’s a moisturizing oil.
3. It’s a massage oil.
4. It’s a body balm.

PLUS Every large candle contains an item of jewellery! Jewellery value can be anything from $10 - $5000! Rings, Earrings or Necklaces. What will you get?

Product Reviews

Tracey1453, Tura Beach NSW


The packaging and presentation of this candle is lovely. Waiting to see what was in this beautiful smelling candle was exciting, and finding a beautiful ring inside was a lovely surprise. The melted wax is lovely on the skin and doesn't leave a greasy feeling when applied as a moisturiser. .
Overall it's great to know this product is Australian made and owned and a real bonus that it's environmentally friendly.
I will be purchasing more of these as gifts for friends and myself!
I highly recommend this product.