10 x Garlo's Pies Pie Tasting Packs

About The Product

For the love of pies! As the weather begins to cool, Garlo's Pies delivers iconic, all-Australian favourites to the family dinner table.

The Australian-owned and family-run pie brand uses only the highest quality ingredients including lean beef and chicken breast – team this with a deliciously flaky pastry, on the top and bottom, which is rolled extra thin, for the quintessential Aussie culinary experience.

Each prize pack contains a selection of Garlo’s finest; including Chicken & Chorizo, Curry Beef, Green Thai Curry Chicken, Lamb and Rosemary, Spicy Mexican and more.

Garlo's Pies – We're thin on pastry, we're BIG on meat! www.garlospies.com.au

Product Reviews

Jenny78, North Strathfield NSW


Enjoyed all the pies, but especially those with a bit of spice. Shared the pies with friends at some meetings I attend and they all had positive comments, even when there was only a microwave to warm them in.
The pastry is not thick like on some pies and lovely when heated in an oven, so nice and crunchy. Yum.
Each pie had plenty of filling that was not just gravy. More than enough chicken, beef, lamb or vegetables in each pie.
Saw these pies in a supermarket and knowing the ticketed price I can say that they are definitely value for money as well as good to eat.
Garlo's Pies - We're thin on pastry, we're BIG on meat! I couldn't agree more.

jmonty, Essendon North VIC


My family was excited to try out many of Garlo’s pies recently - and we loved them!

The range is extensive and they are all delicious. Every pie had great flavour, the fillings were generous and the pastry is the best – thin and crispy, holding its shape beautifully, making the pies so easy to eat.

The individual-serve pies we tried were amazing! They’re so easy to heat and serve or take on the run in their original packaging. The flavours we tried:
• Chicken Breast
Generous amount of lovely, tender chicken pieces with a delicious chicken gravy
• Lamb and Rosemary
My favourite! Tender and flavoursome lamb enhanced by the rosemary and additional vegetables
• Pumpkin, Spinach and Fetta
My second favourite! Huge flavour and heaps of vegetables in a pumpkin-type gravy with lots of spinach
• Chunky Beef, Tomato and Onion
Really large pieces of tender beef, the gravy was lovely and the onion taste was distinct but really enhanced the enjoyment of this pie
• Mexican
This was a favourite of my children. “Where do you get more of them”? he asked. Loved the pastry and the beef with the addition of Mexican beans, spices and tomato.
• Thai Green Chicken Curry
Another children’s favourite! If you love Thai, you’ll love this pie. It’s a lovely, smooth curry flavour and very warming. We loved the addition of some crunchy vegetables.
• Beef Curry
Great flavour, a very generous serve of meat, with a thick gravy. Tasty, with a perfect amount of curry flavour.
• Cheese and Spinach Pastie
Mashed potato with generous serves of spinach and cheese. Really easy to eat and everyone loved this one.

Family Pie: The Chicken and Chorizo pie left the family wanting more. It had plenty of tender, chunky chicken pieces with chorizo and capsicum for even more flavour. Perfect!

Party pies (or junior pies) are the best we’ve ever tasted! There’s much more meat included in Garlo’s Pies than in other brands I’ve tried previously. I never liked the gristle included in store-bought pies but we never had any in our Garlo’s pies. We tried two types of the party pies - the Lean Beef pies were our favourite but the Chunky Beef and Onion ones were also scrumptious.
I will buy pies where Garlo’s pies are available. You really have to try them!

Daniel39, Sunbury VIC


These pies and pasties were absolutely delicious. The different fillings were different from the average pie but had great flavours. Pity they don't have shops down here in Melbourne. Time to expand Garlo's.

Amy, Petersham NSW


Pastry Perfection!
The fillings were delicious but the pastry was the best part of these pies and was what makes them stand out from other brands.
The party pies were excellent and I will definitely be buying these.
I would rate the chicken pie as one of the best I have eaten in Australia.
The Thai chicken curry pie definitely smelt like the real thing but unfortunately the flavour was more of a "generic" curry flavour, rather than specifically a Thai curry.
For a vegetarian option there was the delicious cheese & spinach pasty. I often find these to be bland, but this was definitely not. It had a lovely cream texture and was full of flavour.

Brenda215, Kedron QLD


We all enjoyed Garlo's pies and my husband wants only these pies in the freezer. They are definitely thin on pastry and yes they are big on meat. I definitely rate this 5 stars

I will be definitely buying these pies from now on

Cathie57, Charlestown NSW


Having received the Garlo's taste testing pack I had to start sampling the same day. I liked that there was a good variety of flavours and plenty of filling. The meat was real chunks (not mince) and melt in the mouth with a good amount of veges. The pastry was light, flakey and delicious.
My favourite was the cheese and spinach pastie (which I had to fight my partner for - and he does not like anything with cheese and spinach together) it was absolutely divine.
I would have rated 5 stars except for the fairly high amounts of salt and saturated fat but for the occasional treat I highly recommend. Thank you for tempting my taste buds.