10 x 'Fabulous But Broke' Books by Melissa Browne

About The Product

Melissa Browne is a professional accountant, business coach, author and self-confessed shoe addict that is rapidly changing the way Australians think about their finances and approach their future goals.

Her entertaining writing style puts a charming spin on the (sometimes) overwhelming topic of finance, in a way that is easily digestible as well as enlightening. Off the back of the success of her vastly acclaimed first book “More Money for Shoes,” comes her second (extremely gripping) illustrated novel Fabulous But Broke - a collection of financial fairytales with hypothetical, yet highly relatable characters.

Through these clever and creative tales Melissa aims to awaken readers from financial slumber so that they can find themselves in the exact position they would like to be financially - without compromising on the finer things in life (like beautiful shoes of course). It’s the ever-growing pursuit of freedom and wanderlust of this generation that inspired Melissa to write the book – because while she believes that today’s society allows for endless choices and opportunities, she also understands the need to set up for a financially comfortable and worry-free future.

Through these engaging stories, Melissa guides the reader through a fascinating financial journey that sees them envision how their care-free spending can negatively impact their future and offers practical yet realistic solutions for the stylish and savvy men and women of today.

Product Reviews

Deborah600, Boambee East NSW


Very enlightening, as I am on Pension I found Melissa guides to financial problems extremely fascinating. Very straight talker which made it all easy to understand, without mumbo jumbo you usually get, she really understands the needs of financial security when all the demands of today, when everything seems to be going up faster than we have finances to pay for things, especially when on tight budget like mine. Really loved this, easy to read and understand and very witty, thank you. Deborah Stewart.

Jostar, Charlestown NSW


Wow, what a great read and interesting point of view!! This book is a MUST-READ!!

Skye4, Wallsend NSW


As a 37 year old single female with no children renting a house with two friends it was almost as if this book was written for me. I loved the stories and found them to be highly informative. I definitely have a better grip on my finances now and a plan for the future.

Deb18, Kallangur QLD


I think this is a brilliant and very easy to read little book and I wish that I had had a copy of this 20 years ago. I love the real - life scenarios with varying outcomes which are easy for most of us to relate to. I can't wait to share this with my 21 year old daughter.

asta, Rangewood QLD


An easy to read to book which is not a finance guide. This book is filled with life lessons and a general guide to how overcome various financial problems. For me this book proved to be an eye-opener and timely reminder that I need to get my finances in order and become more financially independent.

Paul121, Yarramundi NSW


Very informative book in well presented form