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About The Product

Evaglo natural skin care products are an exclusive skin care and body care range dedicated to providing customers with genuinely natural products by leaving out harmful chemicals found in other so called natural brands. Evaglo natural skin care offers 100 % Australian made natural certified organic rosehip oil products. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids which helps to regenerate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue.

Evaglo candles are not just another candle, but an indulgent experience – Evaglo’s unique body massage candles release an aromatic warm pool of pure soy bean oil infused with certified organic rosehip oil and shea butter which can be used as a perfume balm, body massage oil or body moisturiser. They enhance a healthy glow to the skin and also are a great natural remedy for cracked heals. You will love these unique candles, handcrafted in WA exclusively by Evaglo Natural Skincare & Candles.


Product Reviews

melbmel, Westmeadows VIC


The candle smells amazing! I have sensitive skin and did not react at all to the product which is also amazing. It left my skin feeling soft and created an even skin tone! Very recommended.

Emily, Stawell VIC


Even the delivery box that these came in smelled lovely. I tried the candle first, which quickly filled the room with a lovely scent. Once lit, the candle can also be used as a body moisturiser, which left my skin feeling deeply hydrated without being oily. I also loved how the melted product was only lukewarm, which makes it safer to have around children. The skin products also smell lovely, each with their own unique aroma. The only real downsides to this product is that the packaging for the cleanser was not really appropriate - the product is too thick for the pump pack provided, so I had to take the lid off and dispense into my hand instead. Having dry skin, I also had to use my own moisturiser on top of the one provided. Other than that, the only downside was that the products were so lovely that I used them up too fast!