10 x Eco Force Cleaning Sets

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About The Product

Start 2012 with a ‘clean’ conscious by using EcoForce, practical and effective household products made from recycled materials that are greener, more eco-friendly and more sustainable than alternatives made from virgin materials.

EcoForce produce recycled sponges, scourers, cloths and dusters for cleaning the green way, clothes pegs, pegs baskets and clothes lines for eco-friendly laundry drying and food bag grips for storing left overs. EcoForce pegs are made from a single piece of recycled plastic making them strong, robust and almost impossible to break! There are no metal parts to rust or stain your clothes either!

EcoForce’s award-winning products do not compromise on quality or price and offer an ethical choice when buying household products. They are made from at least 90% recycled waste. Using recycled plastic uses 70% less energy than that needed for virgin plastic, helping to reduce landfill and conserve precious fossil fuels.

There’s also Dishmatic, a quality sponge scourer and fillable handle in one that’s clean, efficient and long lasting. EcoForce and Dishmatic are available through Coles, Woolworths, Big W and independents, helping you run a greener home without it costing the earth. www.ecoforce.co.uk

Product Reviews

Mystrez, Carindale QLD


I knew that making things from recycled material was better for the environment, but I didn't know they made cleaning products from it, nor that they would be so good.

I found the EcoForce products to work well and be very hardy and durable.

Firstly for the kitchen I was given a Dish Matic, which is a washing up scourer/sponge "wand" which you fill with detergent so it's ready to use at any time. It works great and you just have to replace the sponge head rather than the whole thing.

Scourers come in heavy duty, which live up to their name and also in a softer non scratch which I loved. The sponge scourers are really nice and absorbent too.

There are multi-purpose cloths as well. They are much hardier than the usual brand cloths and actually stay in shape and don't rip.

For laundry, they have peg baskets, pegs and even clothes line all made from recycled material. These were just great. The pegs are all one piece, with no metal parts, so they don't fall apart or rust. They work really well. The peg basket is cute with a handle and a clip to hang it from the line.

All in all knowing that the products are so good and work well and probably last longer than what I've been using, not to mention are better for the environment, I will be purchasing them from now on.

FranFair, Connolly WA


The clothes pegs are wonderful and bright, easy on the hands - so easy to get clothes on and off the line. No marks left on clothes. Handy basket to leave hanging on the line.
Highly recommend all the sponges, scourers and ecspecially the fillable handle. I will be using eco force cleaning goods from now on.
The sponge scourers was excellent for cleaning the oven top, never looked so clean.
The quilted multipurpose cloths is great for benchtops and does not leave marks like other cloths.
Now the dusters is great for the dust that builds up around the TV, and works wonders on glass and mirrors.
I thank Eco Force for the opportunity to test these goods and would highly recommend all the products.

spog777, Salisbury Downs SA


A great range of household products and amazingly all manufactured by recycled materials.
The sponges do a great job as do the scourers'
The duster is a true long lasting heavy worker that seems to battle on without the slightest signs of wear.
The dish brush with its detergent holding handle (a brilliant idea) does a good job but I must admit I place it standing handle side down as the idea of a detergent leak bothers me-even though the item itself is well sealed.
I simply love the UV resistant pegs-no nasty wire sping to cause rust marks on clothes and seemingly much more durable as well as was the cute peg basket and clothes line that was supplied.
All the products are very well made and Iam sure will outlast the items I usually buy or dare I say used too as Eco is my new brand of choice

Sandra, Docklands VIC


I really enjoyed trying out these products. The EcoForce pegs are the best I've ever used. They kept my washing in place and the sheets didn't bunch at all. I have become a Dishmatic convert and use both of the wands regularly. It's great to run the wands over dirty pots and pans before adding them to the dishwasher or just using them instead of the dishwasher when there are only a couple of items for washing. The fact that all of these products are made from at least 90% recycled waste is an added bonus as they all work just as well if not better than their less environmentally friendly counterparts.

julieford, Tongala VIC


I am grateful and my house have enver looked cleaner. Favourites where the stainless steel cloth it polishes a delight no more kids hands prints and the scrowers get off any tricky stains. I like Ecoforce no harmfull chemicals needed and it cleans with ease.