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About The Product

“EasyOven™  - Taking an old idea and giving it a modern design,” It’s a heat retention cooker made of fabric with a specially developed inner padding which retains the heat to continue the cooking process. All you need to do, is start the cooking process on a stove top, or any heat source and then place the pot into the EasyOven™ to complete the cooking.

EasyOven™ is not only, energy efficient, saving on cooking time by up to 90%, it also saves money (up to A$250.00 per year on electricity), time, promotes healthy nutritional eating habits and decreases the impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Endorsed by International Celebrity Chef Ben O’Donaghue and Australian Olympian Kyle vander Kuyp, EasyOven™ is lightweight (230g), easy to clean, carry and store. Its’ unique design also allows it to transport frozen products.?It can be used at Home, at Picnics, by Campers, and more!

“I use my EasyOven™ every week. It not only gives me great food with a small amount of effort, but it frees up time to relax, garden or simply enjoy life “ says Winsome of Canterbury.

Make your life easy – get your EasyOven™ today!


Product Reviews

Natalie689, Craigieburn VIC


The EasyOven has saved me so much time in the kitchen! I prepare the food then put the pot straight into the EasyOven and simply do other choirs around the house while EasyOven does the cooking! I find days where I have used EasyOven I have more time on my hands for myself! Its also brilliant on hot days where you dont want to put the oven on, or those days where you basically cant be bothered with the fuss of cooking! It takes the effort and fuss out of the kitchen! We also took it with us to our holiday cabin on the beach! Everyone there loved it! It saves time, money and is a healthy way to enjoy great food! I highly recommend for anyone no matter the lifestyle to give it a go!

Ashlea3, Maryland NSW


I thought the easy oven was great. After 10 minutes of prep time and cooking, I was able to put the pot in the easy oven, and an hour later had a deliciously flavored and perfectly cooked rice dish! I only spent a couple of minutes at the stove, then I was able to sit back and relax while dinner cooked in the easy oven. It's so easy to use and cooks the food beautifully! The slow cooking meant the flavor was perfect, and the food was nice and hot at the end, just right to eat straight away.

Ella144810, Doncaster VIC


Great quality product. Will be perfect for transporting hot or cold food to our family picnics. Unable to use for general cooking because my pots were to large to fit inside. I would be very interested in a larger version.

Sarah313, Mooroopna VIC


I am in love with the easy oven. So easy to use. Just throw in all your ingredients, bring to the boil and DONE!! I started simple with white rice cooked at home, it was cooked perfectly. Then I tryed chicken , chorizo paella, Amazing..Cut my cooking time I'm half, less time in the kitchen is always a bonus.. I have never used anything like this before , but I think it may become a regular in the kitchen. Now I need to try it up the river , show of my new cooking skills haha. Thank you easy oven 5 stars .