10 x Earthwise Cleaning Packs

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About The Product

Earthwise is a New Zealand made range of environmentally considered products for your home and body. Perfected over decades of testing and refinement, Earthwise products are specifically developed for your home and living environment. The result is products that are naturally powerful and naturally kind.

At Earthwise, we see the world as you do.  It’s about your health, your family and a partnership with nature.  Earthwise products are naturally powerful and gentle for you and the environment with no compromise on quality or performance. Earthwise are proud to offer our sustainable laundry products at prices comparable to leading conventional brands.

By choosing Earthwise you're making a healthier choice for yourself, your family and the environment - helping to reduce the levels of toxic chemicals in our waterways and oceans, by caring for our world, one drop at a time.

Product Reviews

missusgee, Hillcrest QLD


I am very pleased with this product. There was a great range to choose from! It was nice and left our clothes smelling amazing. And the plus side is that the fragrance free detergent is safe for my baby's clothes and cloth nappies!

Sharon881, Capalaba QLD


Earthwise laundry powder is fantastic. It leaves my washing smelling nice and fresh. I have used the liquid and powder and both work beautifully leaving my clothes clean and bright.

Gai, Oxenford QLD


Absolutely loved it. To find an allergy, environmentally friendly soap powder or liquid all wrapped up in one box/bottle a real bonus. Perfume not over powering. Thanks do much for letting me be the guinea pig.

Wendy644, The Risk NSW


It is great to know that I can use Eathwise products and not harm the environment or the septic system that I use. I will definitely be looking for these products in my supermarket.

Janelle27, Cheltenham NSW


Fantastic product. Something I never thought of purchasing but after using the liquid wash, it will definitely be in my shopping basket from now on.
Tried both the liquid & powder & while both of them did a fantastic job & the clothes smelt great, the liquid Orange & Eucalyptus was my favourite. Knowing you are also helping the environment is a bonus.

Mollygirl, Singleton NSW


I received both the liquid and the powder Earthwise laundry products to trial and I was a bit sceptical at first as I find that a lot of natural products don't live up to their standards but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by both the liquid and the powder at how well they cleaned my clothes.
I was especially happy with the fact that they contain natural products and phosphorous free as I live in acreage and all our waste water goes through the septic and out into a gravel pit and a lot of the products available play up with the septic tank.
My favourite one would have to be the orange and eucalyptus fragrance as it has such a nice smell and the added power of eucalyptus helped remove the grease from my husbands work clothes.
I am really happy to have had the chance to trial something that is not only good for our environment but also works well at removing the grease and grime from our clothes.
I will most likely switch to this product once I have used up all the previous washing powder that I was using prior to this trial.

Lyn249, Mundaring WA


Was lucky enough to try the Earthwise laundry powder and liquid. I loved them. Cleaned very well and the clothes came out clean, soft and lovely. Would have given a rating of five if it had a small scoop added to the powder as a measure. Will be buying this product in the future for sure. LYN

Amanda181, Trundle NSW


What I really noticed about Earthwise was the impact on my twin girls. Both of them suffer with eczema and they always have. Whilst using Earthwise, we noticed a dramatic change in how in their skin. It seemed to be less irritated than usual.

I particularly liked the lavender laundry liquid and powder as it seemed to leave a nice perfume on the clothing. Oddly the Orange and Eucalyptus products did not seem to leave a perfume on the clothing?

Either way the product definitely cleaned the clothes and seemed to improve my daughters' skin, so I am fairly likely to seek this one out in the future.

Rochelle85, Jannali NSW


What a great product! Really impressed with both the powder and liquid forms of the detergent.
Smell: both powder and liquid have a lovely fresh scent and leave the clothes smelling fresh but not overwhelming.
Ease of use: very easy to use for both top loader and front loader machines which is handy. Easy to measure out with scoop for powder and lid for liquid. No residue left on clothes. I also found that I didn't use as much product as usual due to the size of the lid and scoop that told me the appropriate amount to use.
Results: clothes came out very clean with no residue. I did still need to add a stain remover on particularly difficult stains (blood) however this is the same for other detergents I have used.
I didn't really give it much thought that the product was environmentally friendly however it is nice to know that you can be kinder to the environment without sacrificing results in the wash. Would definitely recommend this product. My favorite was the purple liquid detergent.