10 x Dreambaby® Car Safety Packs

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Win one of 10 Dreambaby® packs worth $58.90 each and includes;

Dreambaby® Bump Belt™ - RRP $34.95

Dreambaby® Extra Wide Adjustable Car Window Shades 2 Pack Tiger & Zebra (F268) - RRP $23.95 each

Did you know that recent (and alarming) research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in May 2014 shows that pregnant women in their second trimester are 42% more likely to be involved in a multi-vehicle accident bad enough to require medical assistance. The reasons for this are not fully established but it is thought fatigue and nausea could well be factors. Dreambaby® continues to stay on top of research and safety trends and, more to the point, continues to develop innovative and problem solving products to help ensure safety for mothers-to-be, parents and young children while on the road.

Dreambaby® Bump Belt™ is a MUST for mums-to-be in motorcars!

Car travel has its risks. All accidents and minor incidents can be a problem for anyone but if you’re pregnant it’s doubly dangerous as a seat belt can exert extreme pressure against the abdomen, potentially damaging the uterus and resulting in injury and even miscarriage. If you or the driver is forced to break suddenly or you experience a low speed impact from behind, you can be pushed forward with unforgiving force.  Accident statistics confirm that unborn children can be harmed when the seat belt is positioned incorrectly over the mother’s abdomen.  Internationally, it is now standard practice for obstetricians and GPs to advise pregnant women to wear seatbelts under their ‘baby bumps’ as opposed to across their abdomens. The addition of a Dreambaby® Bump Belt™ with the specially designed non-slip dot surface can certainly prevent the lap strap from riding up, therefore reducing the risk of injury to the unborn child.

See the Bump Belt in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3jOMEeR70g

RRP $34.95

The range of Dreambaby® Adjustable Car Window Shades are the ideal for your children in the car. 

Keep your children happy, cooler and more protected with these beautiful Dreambaby® Car Window Shades that have been illustrated front and back for maximum impact, with gorgeous playful hand-illustrated jungle animal designs on both sides for extra enjoyment!

The Dreambaby® Extra Wide Adjustable Car Window Shades are ideal for larger cars and van windows and are also suitable for stationary or wind down windows.  The Dreambaby® Extra Wide Car Window Shades, when completely unrolled, reach 50cm (19.5”) in length, and LOCK into the desired position on your window. The entire range of Dreambaby® Adjustable Car Window Shades simply roll up very easily and efficiently when they are not in use. RRP $23.95 each


Check out full range of Dreambaby® Extra Wide Adjustable Car Window Shades plus all their other product ranges at www.dreambaby.com.au

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Product Reviews

Rhema, Belfield NSW


totaly awesome, a must have .....the shades are wonderful and very handy to have

Rebecca1501, Coombabah QLD


I recently received 2 Dreambaby Extra Wide Window Shades as well as a Dreambaby Bump Belt. The sun shades are the perfect size for the rear windows in my 4WD. I have looked for shades in the past but they have always been to small. My kids love the prints on them and enjoy looking at them while were in the car. The bump belt is incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to use. Its ice to have that little piece of mind that your protect your unborn baby while your in the car. I would highly recommend both products they are great. Thank you for selecting me to review them.

Melanie, Heidelberg VIC


I loved trying this product and will be recommending it for all my friends to use during their pregnancies. I was able to see straight away the safety benefits of wearing my seat belt below my 'baby bump'. I also found it far more comfortable to wear my seatbelt below my tummy, I was 'secure' without the belt rubbing against me. I would definitely recommend the DreamBaby Bump Belt. This product is leading the way in terms of car safety for pregnant women and I was thrilled to be chosen try this innovative, important product.

Helen280, Watsonia VIC


After upgrading to a Toyota Kluger, my existing sunshades weren't big enough so the extra wide adjustable shades sounded great. They were easy to fit (I just used the suction cups rather than the clips over the window and the stick on at the bottom), I had to stick them on a couple of times the first go, but after that they stayed put. I found that they covered a large area of the kids windows - although they did go down a lot further than required. The roll up wasn't as fluid the more it was used, but really I leave them down most the time so it's not an issue. The pictures on them are cute, and my eldest certainly likes them (especially the Zebra) and I can still seem through them when I'm driving.

The bump belt was easy to fit and made me feel much more comfortable and relaxed when driving. I didn't have one with my first pregnancy and was always moving the belt down manually, so this takes the stress away.

amy_kou, Karrinyup WA


Amazing ! I had a newborn 2 weeks ago so was fortunate enough to get some great use out of the DreamBaby Bump Belt and the Extra Wide Adjustable Car Window Shades.
The belt worked a treat as my stomach was huge so it made driving around in the car so a lot easier, more comfortable and great to know I was still safe.

Now I am using the window shade which has been just perfect for both my toddler on one side of the car and my newborn on the other. It blocks out so much of the sun rays and I am still able to see clearly through them when I turn around to reverse or check traffic to move lanes.

The perfect bundle for pregnant woman :) DreamBaby have succeeded once again.

Sharyna-Lisa, Sorrento WA


Great product, well made. The window shades, (in tiger pattern) are so cute and ideal for the car.