10 x Double Movie Passes to see 'NON-STOP'

About The Product

After the successful Taken franchise, Liam Neeson goes one step further in action adventure NON-STOP, a film that takes you on a 500mph rush of adrenalin, suspense and excitement!

Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) is a burned-out veteran of the Air Marshals service and views assignments not as a life-saving duty, but as a desk job in the sky.  However, today’s flight will be no routine trip. Shortly into the transatlantic journey from New York to London, he receives a series of mysterious text messages ordering him to have the government transfer $150 million into a secret account or a passenger will die every 20 minutes.  What follows is a nail-biting cat and mouse game, played at 40,000 feet from the ground with the lives of 200 passengers hanging in the balance. 

Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra team up again after their film Unknown to plunge audiences into a complex mystery and twist-filled thriller. Also starring Julianne Moore (Crazy Stupid Love, The Kids Are Alright) and Michelle Dockery (TV’s Downton Abbey)

NON-STOP hits Cinemas February 27.

To view the trailer please click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps2zP5JZ9q8

Thanks to STUDIOCANAL, we are giving away 10x double passes to see NON-STOP In Cinemas February 27. Each double pass is valued at $38

Product Reviews

Nicole1540, Bonogin QLD


Non Stop is A suspense thriller about an Air Marshall who receives a number of serious threats during a flight. The movie is a who done it and keeps you guessing right to the very end. As usual LIam Neeson delivers a great performance. There is also a number of close up action scenes. I really enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend it.

Jacqui292, Reedy Creek QLD


Liam Neeson Great actor ! we really enjoyed this movie, best to not watch it before your due to fly anywhere. Fab special affects and a great non predictable ending. Great viewing.

Gaye2, Erina NSW


It goes to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks.I would never have chosen to see a movie in this genre,but I loved it.
Enough suspense without scaring the life out of me.
Not a blood thirsty movie just a movie with suspense that you don't see the ending coming.
I will definetely add this type of movie to my next movie choices.

Marjen, Lilydale VIC


Loved Non-Stop! Liam Neeson is cast perfectly for the role and kept me on the ECG of my seat!

Rachel889, Wattle Ponds NSW


Overall it was a good movie.
The main characters, Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore played their roles well and were enjoyable to watch as their characters profiles developed throughout the movie.
It contained the right amount of action, suspense, a hint of romance and kept you guessing throughout. At one point I was convinced that both the main characters, Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore were the hijackers.
The end was slightly disappointing as I was expecting further action or a twist in the plot after the plane had landed.
An interesting movie to watch in light of the current investigations into the recent missing Malaysian plane.