10 x Dishmatic Packs

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About The Product

Dishmatic is the natural answer to washing-up. A quality sponge scourer and fillable handle in one, Dishmatic is a ‘ready-to-use’ dishwashing device that’s clean, efficient and functional. The Dishmatic handle is made with recycled components (handles made from 40% and refills 61% recycled material) and designed to be long-lasting so that only the sponge/scourer heads need replacing.

The hollow handle is filled with detergent and dispenses as you clean. It’s cleverly-angled to access awkward pots and pans, and only ever dispenses as much washing-up liquid as you need. A kitchen essential, Dishmatic will protect your hands from the rigours of washing up because you don’t have to immerse them in hot, soapy water. It’s an eco-friendly choice too because it reduces dishwasher usage.

Dishmatic Steel Scourers are ideal for cleaning barbecues and grills. Simply fill the handle with washing-up liquid and use the scourer to shift stubborn grease and baked on debris.

EcoForce recycled clothes pegs are ideal for eco-friendly laundry drying. Made from at least 90% waste, they do not compromise on quality or price. They are strong, robust, don’t stain clothes and grip even in the windiest of weather!

The market leader in its field, Dishmatic is Australia’s natural choice. Available from Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Franklins and independents.

Product Reviews

LV79, Trafalgar VIC


i loved all the products firstly the pegs were great, they looked great, are very strong and sturdy, they didnt leave any marks on my clothes as they dried but they held on tight. we have strong winds alot of the time and i lose my washing off the line at times with my regular pegs but nothing came off the line with these, these will be my regular pegs from now on.

the sponge/scourer was great, at first there wasnt much washing liquid coming out and wasnt foaming up but once it got going it was great, it was so easy and effective in cleaning thew dishes and best of all i didnt have to get my hands wet or dirty. i found because of its size it got into all the edges and corners of my dishes so it didnt leave and dirt behind and i found i used alot less dishwashing liquid then i normally do so it is saving me money too. it is also fun and easy to use.

the steel scourer was great for my pots and pans and any baking dish that needed it, everything came off with ease which i loved and i did try it on the bbq and it is now spotless. i also found it great for oven racks, cleaned them so well and now they look new and shiny again. all in all these are fabulous products that i will continue to use and purchase from now on.

Irene33, Hervey Bay QLD


Really liked these products. What a fabulous idea! Easy to use with easy to hold handles, which is a good thing as I sometimes suffer arthritis. Super tough scourers which make scrubbing pots and pans so simple. Loved the scourers for my plates and cups. Good to have refills rather than buying the whole handle scourers again. Loved the pegs, easy to use with great grip. Will continue buying and using these products and sharing with my friends what a great idea they are.

Alibear, Kensington WA


I was most happy to receive the products in the mail, as was looking forward to trying them out.
So, after filling the handle with dishwashing liquid, I starting to clean the dishes. Found it quite easy to use, as the scourer on the end didn't scratch and just the right amount of liquid came out of the dispenser. If you want more suds, just press down on the sponge to release. I thought that was good, as I am always using too much liquid, which makes the dishes and glasses quite slippery, but this negates the need for that! Found that you still need to add a small amount in the water when filling up the sink, but not as much as before (maybe that's just me!). The scourer works just as well, without having to look for a wet and soggy scourer in a sink full of really hot water! Loved the fact that replacements for both Dishmatic handles were sent, as they were easy to replace, both with and without liquid in the dispenser.
After I finished cleaning my dishes, I hung out my clothes, using the EcoForce recycled clothes pegs, which are very secure on the washing line. No worry of rusting springs here! You wouldn't even know that they were made from recycled products. All these products are excellent, so would definitely recommend them to others. Thank you for letting me try and review them!

Bratty_Natty, Craigmore SA


When I first recieved my dishmatic in the post,I was sceptical and thought it was just another hand held plastic scrubber, but after my first trial I was sold!
It's design is so comfortable to hold and you don't need to push hard to scrub. The idea of the detergent dispenser in the handle in fantastic as it gives you that extra help with any baked on bits.
The metal scourer worked brilliantly on our health grill BBQ which is always painful to clean too.

Overall, any product that makes my kids 'want' to help with the dishes, like they do is a winner in my books.

The EcoForce recycled clothes pegs are a great design and are very strong unlike the usual flimsy pegs I've bought previously. I love the full plastic idea with no annoying metal bits and although they're heavy duty, they're easy to use and not stiff at all to squeeze. My line is out in the full elements of sun and strong wind and these pegs stood strong with both.

Very pleased with both products.

joanne60461, Warrnambool VIC


I found the Dishmatic easy to use and perfect for pots and pans. Delivers just the perfect amount of cleaning liquid to clean up greasy messes.
The Dishmatic Steel Scourers cleaned the BBQ ready for summer with ease. It biggest job was a pot I have been unable to remove black burnt on spot, the Steel Scourer brought it off with ease. It's like a brand new pot.
I found the EcoForce recycled clothes pegs to be very effective living in a windy area they were put to the test, perfect grip and didn't leave too much of a peg mark.
Loved the eco friendly aspect of all of the Dishmatic products and will certainly recommend them to friends and family

Chers, Carrum Downs VIC


fantastic product. I was very impressed with the amount of liquid that came out as it was not too much or too little. The metal scourers work like a dream on our BBQ. It cleaned all the grease without using much elbow grease. What I love about the pegs mostly apart from it being recycled plastic but the fact that it doesnt leave any peg rust stains like the metal pegs do. I was very impressed with all the products and would deffinetly purchase more once I have ran out. I have already told family and friends and even they will be heading out to purchase them :)