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About The Product

A quality sponge scourer and fillable handle in one, Dishmatic is a ‘ready to use’ dishwashing gadget. Simply fill the hollow handle with detergent and it dispenses as you clean! No more immersing your hands in hot soapy water or increasing your energy bill by using a dishwasher!

Dishmatic is eco-friendly too because it’s made from recycled components (handles from 50% and refills 61% recycled material), and will last for years because only the sponge/scourer head needs replacing. Refills come in Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty and Micro-Soft.

Also available are Dishmatic Steel Scourer – ideal for cleaning barbecues and grills, and Dishmatic Brush -- perfect for scrubbing pots, pans, surfaces and making light work of even the hardest chores. Simply fill the handles with detergent and it dispenses as you clean, giving gleaming results every time!

EcoForce Pegs are made from 93% recycled materials and do not compromise on quality or price. They contain no metal parts to rust, stain clothes or fly off and grip anything even in the windiest of weather!

The market leader in its field, Dishmatic is Australia’s natural choice. Available from Woolworths, Big W, IGA, Franklins and independents.


Product Reviews

Janet43, Eagleby QLD


These are excellent products they are all in one detergent plus scourer together no fishing around the cupboard when you need to scrub also great because you do not have to handle the metal parts with your bare hands. The detergent is always on hand and you can clearly see when it needs refilling. The recycled products used are great for the environment. When you use these products they are efficient for a much longer time than other products I have used in the past. therefore they must be superior quality. I find scrubbing the bbq or my pots and pans not such a chore anymore. I will be buying dishmatic produts for a long time to come

Cheza, Craigieburn VIC


Easy to use, did a great job of cleaning the dishes, can easily see the amount of detergent I put in and when it needs to be refilled. I used the steel scourer on an old tray, cleaned it really well. Availability of parts is also a plus, always frustrating if you find a good product but parts are hard to come by. The eco force pegs are strong, clothes are in place, even when it is windy

Stephen, Farrar NT


Great idea and great results - having detergent dispensed as you scrub. This cuts dishwashing time down considerably and also is much less demanding on fingertips (and painted nails so i hear). No more burning hands in hot water! The heavy duty scrubber lives up to its name making light work of some caked on burnt foodstuffs. (Note i dont have a BBQ at present to try the results on a grill)

The pegs are super strong and ideal for those of us in Windy locations. Im really happy with these and will be restocking all my old pegs with these ones in the near future.

Amanda621, Saratoga NSW


I have been using these for a good couple of weeks now and find they are fantastic..i have used similar ones in the past and they always seem to fall apart under hard usage but not these and also to make things even better is that they are made from recycled material which is fantastic for our environment, they are very easy to use as you only have to fill up the detergent tube and away you go it is that easy and you dont have to even touch the sponge or scourer is even better.. I would definatley buy and use these from now on...

Lisa1047, Tanah Merah QLD


Absolutely love my Dishmatic products. Having the handle to fill with dishwashing liquid has meant that it is so easy to wash up a full load in the sink or even one item that someone has left on the bench without a sink full of water. Have found that I mostly use the Heavy Duty head as it seems to be so versatile for nearly every cleaning job. Crystal glasses on the other hand are better cleaned with the Soft head making a quick and easy job. Overall the brushes with the interchangeable and replaceable heads are fantastic and will be a permanent addition in my kitchen. The EcoForce Pegs are great, we had some extremely windy days and my washing stayed on the line using these pegs, so very happy. The fact that they have no metal parts to rust is a bonus. Wonderful products and am very happy with the addition of them to my home.

mrsgraham, Carrum Downs VIC


They all worked a treat. Very happy using them to clean up.