10 x DESIGNER PINBOARDS Mini Hexagonal Design Pinboards Sets

About The Product

Pinning paper to boards for organisational purposes used to be restricted to bland notice boards, cork boards and fabric boards. Not anymore. The concept of Designer Pinboards Australia was developed by Kathy Joyce and David Heads, both sought-after Sydney designers. They felt compelled to create their own designer pinboards due to the lack of good quality, inspiring notice boards; not only for their own spaces, but for their clients as well, who were craving something stylish yet functional.

After three years of research and development Kathy and David created the Hexagonal Designer Pinboard (60cm). Not only was it functional, but it was like a piece of art in itself. The original Hexagonal Design now has a mini 25cm version; Mini Hexagonal Design Pinboard. David Heads says: ‘Our Mini Hexagonal Design Pinboards are perfect for small awkward spaces and are different to any other pinboard on the market. They’re hand crafted from the highest quality materials in order to provide long-lasting enjoyment and service. They are one of the most cost-effective pinboard investments around.’ As well as being durable, the Hexagonal Design Pinboards have other unique features as well. ‘All our pinboards are self- healing,’ says Kathy Joyce. ‘This means that the board closes over once a pin is removed, ensuring that there are no unsightly holes. As a result they are truly functional pieces of art.’ The materials used for the pinboards are all sourced from renewable resources, with the actual recyclable pinboard constructed from a linseedbased board. The boards are also antibacterial and anti-dust, making them ideal for kitchens, schools and offices. The pinboards from Designer Pinboards come in a range of colours, sizes and designs, with their most popular design being the Hexagonal Design Pinboards. Now available in a new 25cm size Mini Hexagonal Design Pinboard. Comes as packs of 3 in same colour for $99. An exclusive product, Designer Pinboards are only available from the Designer Pinboards website: www.designerpinboards.com.au

Product Reviews

Lana116, Wallan VIC


I loved these pinbords! They look amazing in my house. When not using them as a board for all my notes etc it looks like a gorgeous peice of art. They are easy to attach to the wall with the self adhesive and they seem to hold up well. The grey colour I received matches so well with my houses decor and I have received lots of comments on how great they look. Thankyou for such a excellent yet functional product.

Gloria, Melbourne VIC


A really great idea, so easy to install, great quality and stylish design, you can put up anywhere. I've got them in the kitchen and pin photos/cartoons/keepsakes. I love that you can add more when you want also. Creating a photoboard in the shape you want makes a different photo display to the usual frames. Highly recommended.