10 x De Soie Exfoliating Gloves

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About The Product

De Soie (Aust) Pty Ltd supplies the world’s best exfoliating glove. Made from Floss Silk and is manufactured with a unique patented weave. This exfoliating glove provides instant silky smooth skin as you watch your dead skin cells come away in rolls. The ultimate Turkish Bath experience, in the privacy of your own home! This product has many other benefits; with continued use you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs, stretch marks, spider and varicose veins, dry flaky skin, age spots and much more. All our products can be used by men, women and children alike.

Our range of 100% Floss Silk gloves includes:

The Original De Soie –This Exfoliating glove is suitable for both men and women alike. It eliminates dead skin cells from the face, body and legs effectively.The Face De Soie - This mini glove is woven so finely that it is designed for the face or sensitive skin types.

The Back De Soie - This De Soie is ideal for the back and hard to reach areas of the body. It is tremendously handy and comes with handles to make exfoliating the back easy with no-fuss.

Our products can be purchased from: www.desoie.com.au , www.pharmacyonline.com.au and also www.chemistdirect.com.au .

Product Reviews

Yvonne5, Cranbourne East VIC


At first when I seen the glove I was wondering how it was going to do a good job as it didn't feel coarse like my over exfoliating gloves I have previously owned. From the first moment I used it I was impressed! I have rosascea on my face so I never use exfoliants on my face but the de soie was so gently! I highly recommend the de soie it is the best exfoliating glove I have used!

Rose144, Meadow Springs WA


This is Fantastic . My skin feels new and Fresh again and I have notice a change in my Sun damaged Skin Which I have not noticed for Quite Some Time.
Easy to Clean and Reuse.

My Verdict 10/10

kitty1, Caulfield North VIC


So far I have only used the product for exfoliating lower legs. I think it was excellent and my legs were smooth to feel and also to look at. I followed the directions by soaking in warm water without soap prior to using De Soie. I usually have them waxed so the price per use of the De Soie product was much les expensive and I would certainly use/buy it again.

Yvonne5, Cranbourne East VIC


At first i was wondering how somehting so smooth could do a good job at exfoliating but i was plesantly supprised. my legs are so smooth.. i would recommend this to everyone i know.