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About The Product

Would you like to have more energy, vitality and a happy, productive life.

Powered By Health may be just what you have been waiting for. In a time when there is so much noise out there about health, this honest book is easy to read, practical and insightful.

It contains real life stories, a simple survey to diagnose your health status, and tools designed to strengthen and revitalise you. You will uncover what nourishes you, what makes you thrive, and what you need to avoid for optimum health. 

If you have that niggling feeling that your health could be a lot better, this book will provide you with a roadmap to where you only dream you could be with your health and your life.

Product Reviews

sushi_1212, Kidman Park SA


Found this book easy to read and full of easy to understand information on how to improve my health and well being. Amanda has cut out all the mumbo jumbo and has written a book full practical and thoughtful advice which I'm sure will refer back to time and again

Sharyn207, Barham NSW


This book was an easy informative read I found it very insperational the chapter about nutrition and cravings was me to a tee I am going to give sugar and gluten free a go I feel this book is great for my age as it has given me energy to look at my life differently I will highly recomend this book to my friends .

Margaret193, Grenfell NSW


Hello Amanda
Your book impressed me as it was easy to read and apply to me.
That I can tweek things and still keep my life.
Sleeping well.
All is good with the book I havn't delved yet just dipped my toe in.
The type is easy to read at my age 68, A lot I give up as my cateracts are growing.
Yes I think it would appeal to most people who need a little push.
I will give it to my 49yr old daughter to read after i have read the depth of it.