10 x Cook’s Companion App's (for iOS)

About The Product

Stephanie Alexander’s much-loved cookbook, The Cook’s Companion, is now a digital App for tablets and smartphones.

With an incredible 2,000 recipes, the Cook’s Companion App gives you immediate access to the entire contents of this essential cookbook in just a few quick taps. 126 ingredients are examined in detail, with advice on varieties and season, selection and storage, and preparation and cooking - plus how-to videos and inspiring photographs.

Whether seeking dinner inspiration on to go or checking seasonality at the Farmer’s Market, the Cook’s Companion App is a pocket-friendly reference guide, cookbook and learning tool in one.

Product Reviews

Angela1112, Halls Head WA


What a beautiful cooking app! I generally love to have a printed cooking book to flip through while I cook. But after having tried this cooking app, I’m open to the digital era! :-)

Stephanie Alexander put together a very user-friendly app that is not just a recipe book. It gives you information about the different ingredients, it gives you inspirations about how to best use the different ingredients to enhance their flavours, it offers you videos that accompany you in learning new techniques. I found the videos so interesting, full of so many great tips. There are useful converting tables, links to Stephanie Alexander’s website that allows you to access seasonal menus. The over 2000 recipes are so beautifully presented, with lovely pictures and easy explanations. You can create a list of favourite recipes to have quick access to them. I found very useful also the possibility to look for recipes not only based on the ingredients, but on their style too (quick recipes, festive, snacks, vegetarians and so on). Like you would write notes on your printed book, you can add notes to the digital recipes, and send the list of ingredients to yourself or to somebody else that can do the shopping for you! ;-) So convenient!

I hope Stephanie Alexander will add more videos to her collection and that they will be made available to the people that already purchased the app. I really think this app is a valid companion in nowadays world. It makes life so much easier!

Veronica284, Dubbo NSW


Fantastic to have such an in-depth app for the cook. A large selection of recipes, along with great hints and tips. Handy to be able to take anywhere you go.

Karen2776, Bridgeman Downs QLD



Bianca236, Iluka NSW


I love this app & think it's a great idea. So easy to use and simple to find delicious recipes. I love being able to select what vegies, legumes, fruit etc i have and get a recipe!