10 x Chanpbliss Face Masks

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About The Product

For Centuries in Japan & Europe, the Health & Beauty benefits of ‘Natural Carbon Dioxide’ - hot springs have been recognized and accepted throughout the Health & Beauty industry. C02 Japan has created a luxury Line of C02 infused beauty masks allowing for your personal beatification at your own convenience, the products are now available in Australia and launch here on the Life Style Channel.

This invigorating natural C02 solution penetrates the skin deeply and directly into the facial blood Vessels, resulting in improved blood circulation and truly enhanced metabolism.

The results are a dramatic improvement in skin transparency and a brightening of your own unique skin tones. The renewed vitality will Leaves your skin completely rejuvenated and fresh feeling. Indulge yourself whilst enhancing your inner glow.

The unique and high tech process to bring you’re the utmost in purity and quality, the natural carbon dioxide is infused in-between the hydra sparking mask and its protective sealing system. Once the individual packages are opened pealing back the protective sheet and moisturizing your face will accentuate, the exotic mystic of this proven beauty product. Over 1000ppm of C02 & Natures Beauty Power will revitalize your skin with this Beauty Mask.

For information of the full CO2 range contact sales@le-edge.com

Product Reviews

ktwebber, Waterloo NSW


The mask felt very soft and cooling on my skin. The pre-cut shape didn't quite fit correctly around my nose and mouth but the result was great - my skin felt really soft and smooth afterwards and looked quite radiant. It would have been nice to have the product in its intended Australian packaging however - all of the instructions, ingredients etc on the packet were in Japanese.

Jacinda23, Beenleigh QLD


This mask is very easy to use and is not messy like a lot of other face masks. It does not have a strong fragrance and feels nice applied against the skin. After relaxing with the mask on, my skin felt warm so it definitely improves the blood circulation. My skin didn't feel greatly moisturised but I did see an improvement in my skin tone. I would use this product again as the ease of use and cleanliness is definitely a bonus.